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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scott Honour. He wants to be governor of our state. He's got a big staff of mainstream Republican operatives.

screen capture from this link

The lake, the boat, the Twins cap, the kid with the LA-oriented "SURF" t-shirt. Only one kid with a life preserver. Posed to a fault. The boat probably moored to the dock, but with the dock not showing, implying the good family enjoying a great boating day. Neither dog a hunting dog, as best as I can determine, one an Australian Shepherd, a herding dog.

The campaign hangers-on, listed at Politics in Minnesota (open-access, not behind a subscription wall). He rounded up the usual suspects.

Deep pocket.

Andy at Residual Forces posts an empty suit and/or hedging bets and/or Mitt Romney strategy/persona analysis, here. It is worth reading.

Along those lines, this link.

And the PUSH DIGITAL web designing is downright awful, per the screen capture, here too:

Kurt Bills is onboard the Scott Honour boat (though not in the photo). The Wikipedia "Minnesota gubernatorial election, 2014" page was quick to pick that up, see it in the footnotes if you word search, "Kurt Bills."

That might be an interesting page to bookmark, and to check from time to time. Ditto for the Wikipedia "United States Senate election in Minnesota, 2014," page. It has been updated to indicate Dahlberg's hat in the ring.

So many, so many. You need somebody keeping score.

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