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Friday, August 23, 2013

More on the two helpful Minnesota election pages on Wikipedia. You can find useful information helping you understand things about a candidate.

An earlier post noted the two items, one for the Franken Senate seat, the other for Governor, respectively, here and here. Unfortunately there appears to be no comparable CD6 page, nor such pages for other Congressional Districts.

As an example of how those pages can be helpful, candidate McFadden is one I know nothing about beyond his coming from a business background rather than being a career politician. As in never previously having held any elective public office. That is my understanding about McFadden.

I can read here the gentleman has been endorsed by - are you ready - Norm Coleman and Rod Grams.

While I generally discount endorsements as a "who cares" kind of thing, in this instance one might figure the quality of the unknown gentleman is reflected in the quality and gravitas of those who offer endorsements. I can think of McFadden as a Norm Coleman type. As a Rod Grams type. Judge a man by the company he keeps, all that.

If I crossover and vote the Republican ballot in the primary I will weigh that in deciding who besides McFadden I might regard as the better choice, the one-eyed man among the blind, probably Jim Abeler, who is known to me and not endorsed by Grams, nor Coleman. I wonder if Brodkorb will endorse a candidate. Or Laura Brod. With Brod still apparently active with the Coleman PAC, she probably will not be independently endorsing anyone in conflict with Norm's decisions.

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