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Monday, August 05, 2013

"Exploitative student loan bill will become law"

The headline is that from Dan Burns' writing at MN Progressive Project, posted here. Read it. Many fail to understand the sound aim and great benefit of our Republican friends in Congress, Rep. Kline in particular, which is to get those who are funneled through the artificially created education bottleneck onto payments from the get-go, which, along with ginning up big-time employment Angst in parallel, serves to keep quietude and docility ruling in the right places. They reflect back on the '60s. That time of untidy disorder among the young. Doing it Kline's way you can bypass Kent State, Jackson State, things which also were untidy.

It was an editorial decision to put this link with this post since it deals with manipulation of "the young," but it also could have updated the immediately following link, since it explores understandings of the political process.

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