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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Do you think the NSA was tracking emails of the Occupy movement, its leaders, its supporters, its people in the streets?

The headline is the post. We will never know. My guess is it happened and we will never be told it happened. There surely was a coordinated strong suppression effort against the Occupy Movement. We all know why. What we can only guess at, is "how" in detail.

Dan Burns provided this Mother Jones link. That item, because of the presently speculative nature of still secrete surveillance which might have been at play, has a main focus upon the use of agent provocateurs.

In that sense, remember the RNC 8.

They have a Wikipedia entry, and in the course of RNC ramp-up by Sheriff Fletcher and other low-lifes, a provocateur surfaced. All that stuff Fletcher and crew ginned up stunk so badly, and Susan Gaertner disgraced herself (and her profession) by not handing it back to Fletcher and telling him to go away.

The Lawyers Guild disliked that saga, with mainstream MinnPost even wondering.

An effort arose, Friends of the RNC 8, to publicize the stupidity and venality of officials (and to assist defense against the whole bogus thing).

It was tawdry how officials handled things then, a low point in Minnesota history, but it was Norm Coleman's convention, in his venue, so how could it not have been tawdry?

Now, the NSA routinely spies on us, that fact is surfacing, a continuity running from Cheney/Bush and company to Obama - yes, the soft spoken guy who promised change - him. Is there any cause to suspect they were not up to that, email intercepts, during the RNC 8's persecution? I see none.

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