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Thursday, August 01, 2013

A Wilfare bill sponsor wants the chance to run against Senator Al.

Julianne Ortman. She was Zygi's point person in vital committee infighting.

For that we should fall over one another to see she runs GOP vs Franken?

Never mind where real money will be extracted. Pull tab heaven is fine for telling to the proles.

Will Ortman now have Laura Brod's vote, as, so far the only female GOP wannabe that's declared? That, along with Norm's uberPAC money, in parallel, in lockstep?

It seems there is little Liberty in being set up to be taxed for Wilfare. Liberty's antithesis, perhaps?

Abeler, McFadden, now Ortman. Franken must feel cheered.

UPDATE: Another history of Ortman link, PiPress here.

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