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Monday, October 01, 2012

Voter Fraud.

Full story, with active links, here.

This Google. This video. This "one bad apple" fiction item.

This link, Romney-Ryan disavowing any knowledge or connection. (Well, sorry, no link because I could not find any such item. We wait. We see.)

UPDATE: More links: Here, here, here, here, here, here, here. That is a mere sampling, for more, Google News, here.

Any reader finding any report of Mary Kiffmeyer explaining how her proposed Constitutional tampering project would curb this form of voter fraud - registration tampering - is asked to submit a comment.

FURTHER UPDATE: Here is one item mentioning Romney-Ryan. In a "What do these two have to say about it" context. At the end. Then there is Ms. Anti-ACORN, Michele Bachmann, strangely silent about Sproul shenanigans. And there is mention of Minnesota in that last linked item, per this paragraph:

In 2004, a voter registration worker in Nevada hired by Sproul’s firm told reporters that he had witnessed his surpervisors chucking registration forms signed by Democrats. ‘They were thrown away in the trash,’ he claimed. Sproul’s canvassers in Oregon confessed to doing the same thing, and other reports emerged across several swing states. In Minnesota, workers said they were actually fired for bringing in registration forms signed by Democrats. CBS News obtained faxes showing that Sproul’s firm had even impersonated the left-leaning America Votes! to organize voter registration drives at libraries…

[italics added] Here is a civics exam question. Who was Minnesota's Secretary of State responsible for voting integrity in 2004 when Sproul operatives who accepted and turned in registration forms from Democrats were being fired in Minnesota? Answer: Here. And what does the term "substantially equivalent" mean, as used in Sect. 1(c), here? Answer: Here.

Go figure. The scum always rises to the top of the pond.

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