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Monday, October 08, 2012

UPSCALE RENTAL: More local supply-side competition for Flaherty's Ramsey-rail-rental.

Strib, building permit data for number of new rental housing permits; Oct. 7 online, here.

Strib, feature report on "upscale" stuff, Oct. 8 online, here.

Read them before they go offline. Strib has that habit of offlining stuff, randomly.

Ask yourself, what additional amenities might tip things in Flaherty's favor? A McDonalds at Town Center? Is that a tipping situation? If so, which way? Ditto on the questions: gas stations, councilman Jeff's liquor outlet? My bet - deliver on those promised nice shops and restaurants, and bag the easy Landform commission stuff that arguably is not a major attractive force for Town Center viability.

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