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Friday, October 19, 2012

TAXPAYER DOLLARS. Amazing. Harold Hamilton publishes his latest Northstar screed; yet the name Matt Look is nowhere to be read. Harold, do you know, are you aware of who heads the County's Northstar business as of the date you published? NOT Dan Erhart. Guess ...

Click to enlarge and price. From Facebook page of a collossal tax dollar sinkhole.

Yes, and the Watchdog screed screen capture is:

Yes. Read all about the Ramsey stop, and Matt Look's role - er, read about Harold and Dan, chapter 746. How about this from the same cash sinkhole Facebook page, the Flaherty rental in progress, with the Flaherty annex shown to the left of the photo:

And our City of Ramsey buying into a land developer's ownership position at Town Center - that was on Look's watch too. He Sentineled all that stuff.

This link, for chapter 745, "Mr. Goodwrench defeating Harold's county boogeyman." Some who were there at the LWV county candidate forum may say, "Myopic puppy, I saw it better," but it's his soapbox giving his call. From the far, far, FAR right, a right-leaning centrist such as Dan Erhart can look different than he appears otherwise. The watchdog sees best what's closest to him, Schulte.

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