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Friday, October 05, 2012

Reflections on a "Hometown Source" editorial. Big-Box retail and its impact upon preserving and redefining true downtowns.

After reading this item, think about the Big-Box - downtown juxtaposition and the hubris of saying, "We make a downtown out of a cornfield."

After reading of real downtowns and their quest for redefining themselves to fit today's realities, think about Ramsey's Town Center history and status quo.

Think about how if the wrong franchise things get onto the ground then redefinition has an urban-renewal dimension absent if there is land speculator patience, and a true plan for vacant land. In effect, think about tear-down and redo vs doing it right the first time.

As far as plans go, to you, is "Get me my commissions ASAP," a good plan for Ramsey? What assurances might there be if the Armstrong interchange is finished first, and then bidding for community-friendly land uses proceeds? Those promised nice shops and restaurants. Matt Look told me after the county LWV debates that a McDonalds is planned for Town Center. Is this wise? Is a McDonalds what we've been led to expect?

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