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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

RAMSEY: Several reader comments to the story posted online this morning at Strib, by Paul Levy.

This link for the Levy story. Readers can navigate to the comment thread, and make of it what they wish. There is but one comment I flag:

Oct. 23, 12
2:53 AM
Levy interviewed Ramsey Mayor Bob Ramsey for over 6 hours and published only the comments of a few past and present council members who take every opportunity to trash the city council's actions, even they as a group voted in favor of most of them. Their votes are easy to look up, as they are archived on the city's website.
[4 thumbs up - 20 thumbs down]

This anonymous person, and this is speculation, appears to be the same individual who anonymously maintains the hate-site, "Reflections in Ramsey," which most recently falsely stated:

Posted on October 22, 2012
Ramsey City Councilman Jeff Wise owns a liquor store in Ramsey and due to Armstrong road expansion, sold his current property to the city and planned to move into the COR, paying market value for the land. Unfortunately, Strommen, Elvig and stab-em in the Backous, finally saw their opportunity to punish Jeff Wise for not voting with them when these whiners wanted to thwart responsible development and cost-cutting waste in city government. While Jeff Wise abstained, these 3 voted not to allow Jeff Wise to buy property in the COR, citing “public perception”.

For truth, Kurt Ulrich in response to a direct inquiry about the above text, emailed me:

Kurt Ulrich
12:14 PM (4 hours ago)

I can confirm that the City has not completed any property transactions, either sale or purchase, with Mr. Wise.

"Sold his property" is not the same as negotiated and would like to sell. Just as a horse chestnut differs from a chestnut horse.

Quality with facts is less likely with those who cowardly hide from giving their names when saying the kinds of stuff which that Reflections site spews.

Yo, author - reflect on this -- Put you name on that kind of stuff, so the process server knows where to go to find you.

If any reader, giving his/her name, knows anything about the truthfulness of "Levy interviewed Ramsey Mayor Bob Ramsey for over 6 hours" please add a factual comment providing detail.

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