consultants are sandburs

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ramsey pays for it, Darren/Landform owns it? That seems overreaching to me.

This HRA agenda page screen capture for today's meeting:

At the end, is reference to the Lazan/Landform tendered work order, aimed at taking more city cash for that firm. It's entirety is presented in an earlier post. Below is the back side, item 10, highlighted - as otherwise hidden in the middle of back-side-of-form boilerplate:

What do you make of that, sports fans?

Have we reached the point in time for the City to give Lazan/Landform 30-day termination notice per its contract with that firm? Has Darren arguably breached in ways that would justify a claim that no further money is owed in the event the city terminates? Is it now, or wait for January and a new council to be sworn in and seated, to decide whether enough is enough? Whether a new direction, or new people might be the way to go?

A metro town suing to free up its own marketing rights; Strib reporting, here.

When you go outside of a town doing its business with its own staff, you can be buying into a lawsuit. To avoid that, the lesson seems to be, limit and curtail consultants and consulting - and avoid letting them dig a hole for you to put yourself into.

Sandburs hurt when it is time to remove them. The more aggressively they are attached, the harder it is to remove them cleanly.

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