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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RAMSEY: It appears Emily (Mrs. Colin) McGlone is still drawing pay for working for Flaherty construction people, from the Flaherty trailers along Veterans Drive.

Presumably this is still as project clerk, at an undisclosed salary/wage level.

There has been ample time to modify that situation, were any of the players prone to do so. Satisfaction with the status quo appears fine, with the McGlones and Flaherty.

I write this because while walking a gentleman exited one of the trailers and on inquiry identified himself to me as site foreman, which would be project director; whatever the title, the lead construction manager for Flaherty. I asked if Emily was there and he said not today, not then, but that he would tell her Eric said hello when she returned.

He expressed a hope for a mild low-snow winter. I wish him well on that measure, although we do need drought relief. If you or others you know would want to live there, a rental phone number is posted at the construction site, atop the building at the city hall end.

With the relative scale of things, should we start calling city hall "The Flaherty annex"? Or is that the term to use for the tax financed ramp?

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