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Thursday, October 04, 2012

OSSEO: Competition for Flaherty, another suburban apartment. Not on Commuter Rail. But is Hwy. 169, there, better located than Hwy. 10, in Ramsey?

And anyone in Ramsey not understanding the true meaning of "nice shoppes and restaurants," (using the ostentatious spelling of "shop" favored by ostentatious individuals), then try the Nectar. You will experience something Ramsey can aim at, but has yet to achieve.

For the Strib report, this screen capture, link given below:

The article, while online at Strib, here. And - click the image to enlarge - it will be as "beautiful" as Flaherty's product in Ramsey:

Granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, nine-foot ceilings - it seems everyone sings the same tune? But, the Osseo pikers have no salt-water pool in their planning, as Ramsey city millions in financing are helping Mr. Flaherty to build - be in the pool, enjoy the lulling sounds and gentle sway of passing freight, all that - in Ramsey.

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