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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Joe Field, Ramsey at large council candidate.

Field has his law practice, mainly family law apparently, in Anoka; this webpage. Registered agent and CEO, Joseph A. Field, per this Secretary of State online item. His campaign website is: I believe this is the same Joseph A. Field; here and subsequently, here.

The 1993 disciplinary action was over handling money, the 1997 reinstatement followed, with the intervening years unclear, but seventeen years in practice mentioned, meaning the majority of the practice was after the disciplinary action. From 1997 to the present without any further practice problems surfacing suggests Field has put his disruptive years well behind him. My personal inclination would be to discount the disciplinary action in weighing a choice between Field and John LeTourneau, but the information should be known to the voting public for each citizen to weigh for himself or herself. If Alan Page signed off on reinstatement and the record stands for years without incident, I do not second guess Justice Page and colleagues on this one.

I favor John LeTourneau, but for reasons of expecting Field, if elected, to be more of the same as with Mayor Ramsey, Matt Look, Jeff Wise, and Colin McGlone; and I believe strongly the Ramsey government should chart a different course with new people or people in new positions. We should have our first female mayor, and regardless, we still will face major troubling questions in troubling times. My belief is that more of the same is not the best answer.

One further reason I disfavor Joe Field, this link. Others may believe that a plus.

My awareness of this "Joe Field" disciplinary case was triggered by item 19, last page of the pdf document online, here. The pdf is in image form rather than searchable text, so I could not search the main item pages for "Field" or "19." I tried to carefully reread the item, but could not find mention of Joe Field, nor any reference to an Exhiblt 19, or such. My choice was upon seeing only the reference to go online and see what I could find, and I have reported that - in anticipaiton some mailing may later issue in the LeTourneau-Field contest so that getting public notice, as set out above, made sense to avoid last minute problems. I shall be emailing candidate Field, giving specific notice of this post so he has an opportunity to respond, should he choose to. Again my inclination is to largely if not wholly discount something that appears to have been resolved fifteen years ago, unless someone has specific cause to suggest it inappropriate to disregard it in this case.

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