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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fitness to be Vice President? As in, "Oh, you have letters, ... well that's an entirely different story. We call that a paper trail, and, yes ..."."

Not that the headline is a direct quote, but can you trust Paul Ryan? Readers can find other online sources telling the same story, one Vice President Biden did mention in debating Ryan, but this ABC item seems to paint as informative a portrait of the man as possible - his veracity, and his disdainful glibness in revising and extending past remarks (Click the image to read it):

This link. Letters here.

Either seeing this as a show of clear dishonesty, or believing an asserted inability to remember a twenty million cash flow to the home district, you can reach the same conclusion. Such defect would be an infirmity of either personality or capability calling into question who the man really is, and his fitness for higher office.

Trustworthiness - the trustworthiness of what he says - today vs. tomorrow, fits him for the Romney flip-flop ticket, but is that at all reassuring, as to either on that ticket? Both, I suppose, have the courage of their convictions. But with convictions grounded so loosely and tailored to the moment, courage alone is something to fear.

For Romney, his true convictions do exist and a video exists proving it - as in his courage in one place to say half the nation is to be written off, as not inclined to vote for Romney-Ryan and hence as not worth a pile of dirt.

That was no flip-flop there, the 47% speech, that was true naked Romney conviction.

Sure, Romney outright lied about choice to get elected governor, but he was not lying about writing off half the nation as, to him, worthless or worse. Why would anyone (outside of the privileged 1% popping fifty grand a plate to hear half the nation dismissively derided), trust Vulture, or trust Voucher, to be anything but W and Cheney reincarnate?

That 1% at the dinner table, however, saw exactly what they want to see, which is W and Cheney reincarnate.

That's why they readily popped the fifty grand, to be remembered when favors are later needed as having been at the table.

Vulture - Voucher; W - Cheney; the faces differ, the hearts are identical.

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