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Friday, July 28, 2017

Well, it is an interesting exigesis, and then there is the "Where was Bernie during Occupy" dimension when Bannon was allowed free uncontested rein to demonize the most necessary of events and proto-movements.

Occupy was put down with police brutality nobody mentioned, and now nobody on the press or politician inside mentions Occupy either. Go figure.

The essay critical of Bernie, here. The book, this link. There is that lingering feeling, a young Bernie delegate to the national convention from Minnesota who I grew to respect from little contact expressed it as feeling betrayed. Ellison gave a solidarity speech early at that convention, and was deluded into thinking of an uncontested DNC leadership role. And then, what a whopping balloon drop. Every balloon in the nation consigned for the event except ones lacking red, white, or blue color. They stayed on the toy shelf. But wow! So many balloons with "STRONGER TOGETHER" belted out the PA system, in all its subtlety. What an event. Bill and Hillary together. On state.

That lingering feeling is why Justice Democrats has an appeal as strong as the better funded and promoted "Our Revolution." Who is who, and can we find agendas beyond an agenda are questions that can bog down an army. The essay seems to say most of what a book would say, yet there is a book, same author:

The naysayers may have their say. Yet - Hope for each, Our Revolution and Justice Democrats; else there is no hope. Tune time. Hello, Jarad. Is that a whiff of an Ivanka perfume on you?

UPDATE: Nina Turner.

Two Three more, here, here and here. Gee. Any guess you'd see Jerry Springer at the Nissan plant?


1. It is not a "fake news" joke.

2. History is important, when considering Jerry Springer - Nina Turner.

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