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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bigotry, spoken in low-key sanctimonious tones. By a Dominionist.

This video.

This follow-up. Judge Minnery on the facts. Judge his organizational pyramid on the facts of how he shapes facts. Assess character and/or capability. Sheep or goat?

UPDATE: Here. Here. Same theme as the "follow-up video" cited above; except this item goes to the study's author, who says Franken was correct in correcting the doctrinaire theocrat.

Dominionism and theofascism are terms used without precise [universally accepted tight] definitions. Here Dominionism is considered an intent for establishment of a state endorsed and favored religion rather than wanting and having a nondenominational government. Theofascism is the use of and integration of theocratic inclined individuals into a coalition which has fascistic intent; i.e., fascists using theocrats to gain numbers within their ranks. Some voicing or claiming leadership of the fundamentalist religious right are actual theofascists, i.e., both theocratic and fascist in mindset and intent and world view.

Fascisism here is used to mean wanting a policy and intent of a strong and intrusive state to support aims of very wealthy corporatists and financiers in having great freedom among themselves with little actual liberty or privacy among the bulk of a people. Strong and intrusive government is a required part; aims to promote income and power inequality which virtually disenfranchises the common man is also a requisite. Use of propaganda to quell the will and strength of a people is a means, not an aim, of fascist persons. Use of debt burden, especially to ensnare the young, is also an expected fascistic technique and those espousing its use that way, to disempower questioning and popular will are fascists. "Turn 'em toward fears in order to better be shorn passivly" is a way to say it. "Distract and attack."

Theofascism, as a dimension of abject fascism, is a threat of great menace. Theocrats taking their place in the bundle.

Some are more pluribus than others. You have Koch money you buy plenty sticks.

The Liberty dime has two sides, which can be viewed as in conflict with Liberty facing us all, up front, and that bundling around the war ax as the flip-side of Liberty.

Here and here, for more thought of an image of many sticks bound around a war ax. Accept whatever you want to as a truth. You can find almost any point of view on the web.

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