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Friday, July 28, 2017

Nancy Pelosi, crowing over a vote in the other chamber, lacks knowledge of the words: single payer. The lady needs teaching.

The best teaching is around primary time.

A link. Find there the word "single" or the word "payer" on that link, and win a bobblehead for your collection. 100% plastic, washable, will break if hammered hard will melt with heat.

This link, entry marked 5:40 a.m. "Update and improve" wording used about a legislated sop to the insurance industry, big pharma, and rapacious provider types - Romneycare and never forget that. Dump such language, say "single payer" or get out of the way yesterday.

Will melt with heat. Will break if hammered hard. Primaries await the deserving ones.

UPDATE: What a coincidence, writing "deserving ones," checking again that 5:40 am entry; Shumer mentioned.

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