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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Minneapolis mayoral field: No DFL endorsement, but Legislator Raymond Dehn, who stood out as Our Revolution endorsed, topped the field handily.

But many were running, Dehn having the plurality but short of a majority; Strib reporting, here.

Dehn's legislative history, his campaign site, and this websearch.

Hodges has not been bad, even when she and her police chief were on differing pages. Normally, absent Our Revolution endorsing, Hodges as incumbent would be okay with me. But once Our Revolution weighed in, it became decisive to me - win and reform with Dehn. Opinions can differ, but if you feel the Bern, you're better than otherwise.

With Our Revolution tips the balance in Dehn's favor; greatly for me, it is too bad as a metro county person I have no vote. Where I vote Republicans proliferate much like prolific bunnies. Tea town types. And Jesus jockeys. Both, at its worse.

Make a Revolution happen one office at a time.
Donate, this page; or by snail mail.

Neighbors United for Raymond Dehn
1611 25th Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55411

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