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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dominionist indoctrination aimed toward a political outcome should be taxed. It is conspiring against the rest of us who are civil secular humanists.

This first link. It is clear political proselytizing which is being touted as "tax deductible." It has a purely political agenda. Prove to me otherwise. This second link states pure political intent and aimed-for outcome of a political nature:

To respond to this challenge, and to give pro-family voters the opportunity to vote for stronger pro-family candidates, Family Policy Foundation created the Statesmen Academy. This Academy provides rigorous training by experienced Christian legislative leaders, who produce graduates bonded in an enduring fellowship of mutual encouragement and accountability, spiritual strength and political wisdom.

[...] Your generous financial support will identify, recruit, train and build a vibrant community of future statesmen—who will be equipped to begin transforming our political system from the inside!

[italics added] What else is it but a political exercise when the operation's top dog calls shots that way? How can it be tax exempt. It's not a church. It's a political propaganda and indoctrination mill. Aimed at a political outcome - aimed at "transforming our political system" to theocratic rather than nonsectarian. It offends.

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