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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"If you follow the discourse in the American newspapers and financial news outlets, you would notice that most of the discussion on the possibility that Iliad, the company controlled by Niel, could enter the U.S. market by buying T-Mobile is centered on the price offered to shareholders that apparently wasn't high enough to conclude a deal. This is the common American approach: to focus on the "value" created or destroyed by companies in the eyes of shareholders. But when prices of companies such as AT&T, Verizon or T-mobile rise, is it really a value that is being "created" or rather only extracted from consumers? After all, these are mere utilities companies from which most of their profits are from rent-seeking derived from the concentration in the market and regulatory protection -- and not from innovation in products or processes. What are the negative externalities that high prices of Internet connection or mobile connection have on the U.S. economy? What could be the positive externalities on the U.S. economy if it were leading the world in low communication prices?"

The extended headline is from here, and the inevitable conclusion is we citizens of the US of A are being screwed by telco/cable pirates and that the regulators are in bed with them against us, and it has been so under Democrats and now under Republicans, and how can one say it is dissimilar to the healthcare crap we have had shoveled onto us? Cooption of erstwhile regulators has been an endemic problem in the nation. And atop that, the Creature from Jekyll Island. We are being plucked.

Trump and his billionaires; the Clintons and their slush. There was no difference beyond Trump projecting as if likable, Ms. Clinton not bothering.

Tom Perez thinks things these ways are fine. Tom is a problem, not anyone's solution to anything except for the exploitative oligarchs.

Any questions?

Any answer? How about, don't get mad get even.

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