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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Kimberly Ellis: California has both legislative houses and the executive under Democratic Party control.

Nina Turner on the recent California party chair election and the split between status-quo corporatists and progressives; a close vote, wrong way, Ellis as the more progressive choice losing. Significantly, Ellis was in the Clintons' camp in 2016 and not the Sanders camp. To no avail.

The total honesty of Turner's passion is as strong as Bernie's. Both can project that, not holding back. The California corporatists include Feinstein and Pelosi; both wealthy elitists. Winds of change must persist or become irrelevant. The corporatist money is agnostic to whether its interests are served by Democrats in office or Republicans in office, it's the service that counts and not the party nametag. Republicans are lost to their ways, so all hope is with reform of the Democrat Party.

As a thought experiment, how can the "Democratic Party" legitimately call itself that while having superdelegates?

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