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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tell Zygi to cram it. Many, many, many resent still and opposed then the Wilfare given to the Jersey guy. Tell him.

It was bad use of public money but the trade unions wanted the intervening job opportunities and Dayton and other DFL'ers went along to get along.

Now overreaching by the owner of the team that grew its capital value vastly upon public money being so directed has the surprising audacity to say the public can get screwed because he wants all the revenue, regardless. Tell him this is Minnesota and not Bridgegate land, not Trump land, but better. Clearly, Zygi's got a major East-Coast attitude problem, call it greed for lack of a better term; greed coupled with an astounding chutzpah alien to the midwest (aside from the likes of Michele Bachmann).

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