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Monday, July 06, 2015

While early in the process, some may wish to bookmark a website or two relating to Dem/GOP presidential timelines, candidacies, etc.

This is not an attempt to be exhaustive, but to be fairly inclusive.

Dem Wikipedia stuff:,_2016,_2016,_2016

GOP Wikipedia stuff:,_2016,_2016,_2016

Other sites - decide if worth a bookmark:
Note: people or organizations posting that site are not clearly identified on the linked-to homepage; so show due caution in following the site
Note: Washington Times is what it is, owned as it is; so show due caution - and note the item begins with a focus on Hillary, treating Bernie and others as if seven dwarfs - again it is the Washington Times

Again, aside from the Wikipedia links; choice of other items was subjective and aimed at items of current focus - Schievo history included because of its fundamental questioning of the extent and role of government intervention in family liberty-of-decision matters. Bookmark or don't, any/all. It is a matter of your own CHOICE (a nice word).

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Wes Volkenant said...

Good idea. Thanks for all the links.