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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tired trite war mongering bellowing by the man who wrote speeches for the idiot who mired us in a two-front war, Afgnanstan and Iraq.

Glen Taylor's Strib carries a tiny-text labeled online COMMENTARY item by a classic neo-con, Michael Gerson, who is really short on any "neo" (with nothing really new to his belligerence games), but real heavy (as always) on the "con."

While the Bushco neo-cons were an actual "axis of evil," Gerson included, it was Gerson who coined propagandizing the term, for others.

If you take the Gerson rant seriously, send your son or daughter to risk life and limb in Syria.

I doubt Gerson has any close kin at risk anywhere nearer to Syria than Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. But my, on, my, the man can bellow - where a low-key bellowing relentlessness like a tide is a hard art form, a creme' of manipulation art, and Gerson like Hendrix is, EXPERIENCED.

Worse of all, the footer for Glen Taylor's Strib only identifies the little war monger as a WaPo writer; not as the guy who fed W his lines.

It's Glen Taylor's shiny new car, our news outlet, Strib, and his placing himself in the driver's seat seems to be showing.

UPDATE: Gerson is not without other critics. A generally different part of the political spectrum, but holding a similar view about the downside of being the world's war monger, shows up, e.g., here, here and here. And the neocon agenda was such an apparent failure from the Iraq incursion onward, that you would think Gerson might learn a different tune, simply from embarrassment over the old one playing out so very badly. Not so, keep the script, but write in Iran in place of Saddam, and otherwise keep cashing the WaPo checks.

Something in Gerson's style and approach makes me think of him as an equally galling but more talented version of Katherine Kersten.

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