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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Andy is experimenting with the layout of the Residual Forces site. I think it is good, and would have only one major suggestion.

From reading Residual Forces, agree or disagree with any or most of his posting, with Andy what you see is what you get. Entirely. There is no agenda behind the agenda, no, "I wonder where he really is coming from, and where the ghost is hiding in the proposals."

There is no lurking guile apparent. None at all.

However, that lead sidebar item - extolling a fiction, a creation of Hollywood and not any real person, it's like the Reagan worshipers.

He should think it over.

UPDATE: Reader help needed. Who is Andy's campaign manager? 


Wes Volkenant said...

It IS heroic of him to write 'Residual Forces,' isn't it, Eric. After all, you're rather heroic writing 'Developers are Crabgrass,' in the midst of the sea of red around us.

What puzzled me is his subtitle - should it be "for other things" or "four other things?"

eric zaetsch said...

Revising page layout is an ongoing thing. As noted previously, the top sidebar item on Crabgrass from time-to-time gets altered. Right now, atop the sidebar, a real person who is hoped to have a real chance in things. Money talks, and Jeb! is there not being the nail that stands up, quiet about being brother of the beast and generally being trumped on everybody's vociferousness score, but happily trumped while sitting on a humongo war chest.

eric zaetsch said...

Wes - It's been a while since Andy has posted about his Truck or his dogs. It seems "other things" have taken over. I would like it if Andy's top sidebar were to focus on Jeb! and all the good that's to be said of him. Something helpful like that. It needn't be very long ...