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Friday, July 03, 2015

Which women have voices nationally, these days, for the GOP?

There was Sarah Palin, a McCain choice as well as later a FOX personality. There was Michele Bachmann, on FOX frequently, in past presidential debates, and among lawn assemblies in DC, bullhorn in hand. (Perhaps she'll surface again, this time kissing Jeb.)

There was Ann Coulter, and wondering what had happened to her, to her persona and following. Two items were found online which are recent, here and here. About Coulter. Not presenting her as a pundit or first-person having airtime as a spokesperson.

Is Carly Fiorina next to be marginalized, and is it a trend, or simple happenstance? If Fiorina does not score poll popularity she will be one of the debate droppees, whatever the term would be for those told not to show up because the podium can be too crowded with only the more popular men invited.

Is it a trend nationwide for women's voices being muted in the GOP? On the other side there is Hillary, so it is not something touching both parties equally.

And with Ann Coulter, is it her style finally wearing thin with all but a handful of loyalists? Or is it as much or more the message than the messenger, as the two above linked online items suggest? As in yes, Ann, correct when you say the GOP should follow the Nixon "Southern Strategy" (but don't be so crass as to publicly say the GOP will be doing so; i.e., some things can be understood yet left unsaid)?

What else? Is there any reader having an insight to share via a comment?

Fiorina coverage, recent and positive, here and here. Perhaps it is a GOP showing that a reasoned female voice will be heard, and it may be evidence Fiorina might make the debate poll-based qualification cut.

_________FURTHER UPDATE_________
Two items of arguable relevance, to be read together, here and here. Fiorina rose, was tried, and was fired by the corporate culture within our nation. Interlocking directorates and all. Coming back, via politics, with what in mind to prove?

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