consultants are sandburs

Saturday, July 04, 2015

July 4 - Insurrection Day. British banking and capital ruled, garrisoned soldiers policed and enforced. Taxes were unfairly imposed, colonists being treated as resources to be used to enhance a distanced elite.

I recognize the elite.
I shall communicate.
And the lesson of history is?

Shut up, follow what the boss says, show up for work on time?

Pick either party? Not "any," but "either." There only are two.

Say, "God's will," when the system is screwing you?

Go along to get along?

The nail that stands up gets hammered down?

George Washington rode a horse so the guy on the horse must be Washingtonian?

At least the British impositions during colonial times did not include "Corporations are people same as humans." American ingenuity cooked up that hummer. Whose geniuses? Yours? Somebody else's?


Anonymous said...

Go hang yourself..I will even be happy to tie the rope for you.

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - Truth hurts? So does poverty, homelessness, and injustice. Watch out tying nooses. Your neck could be longer if you do that carelessly. At the drop of a truth.

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - A helpful thing you could do, on a Holiday such as today. Aside from what Tom Emmer so far has done for Tom Emmer, in a brief comment please catalog the major things Tom Emmer so far has done for the district. No need to get into lengthy detail on every positive thing - just hit the highlights.