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Monday, July 06, 2015

Veterans Preference Act - Minnesota law, a story of the law in action, and a question.

First, the story.

Second, the question: Is the VPA an anachronism, with the nation having opted for an all volunteer military? Surely a preference for the poor luck conscripts during Vietnam, those unlike Bill Clinton or Dick Cheney, who were forced into service under penalty of prosecution and prison. Westmorland's legions. They deserve something in return for being torn from civilian life and given a uniform and a weapon and made to risk life and limb, but if volunteerism is a key consideration, why not have a preference for those who volunteer for a job teaching, or driving a truck, since it is now a take it or leave it career decision whether to accept military paycheck and duties? Why not have a preference for college graduates, or bird watchers, or former felons, or those choosing to marry vs. those staying single?

Conscripts deserve special attention, but those having an option and deciding to join the military simply exercise CHOICE (that word again).

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