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Friday, July 10, 2015

Green Revolving Door time again. Big time green. Eric Holder. And why were no Wall Street criminals hauled off the jobsite in handcuffs after the Bushco Sept. 2008 market splat? Of course we can only speculate and infer, unless the emails are subpoenaed.

This main Credo petition link.

More Credo.

This google, to supplement the links given by the first cited Credo item.

Excerpting would be redundant; because the linked items speak so crystal clearly for themselves.

Are we a den of little beyond revolving door opportunists always for hire, or more principled, as a nation?

Another previously used image from Crabgrass past posting:

UPDATE: Should "Revolving Door Dirtbags" be a phrase added to the bottom of the red tee shirt list, in hope of perhaps boosting the shirt's suspect credibility? Dropping "Feminists," perhaps.


Anonymous said...

The golden balls look suspiciously like Ben Wa Balls, those the elite put in their you know whats!

eric zaetsch said...

Wasn't he a doctor in a Burroughs novel?