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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Does anyone really care about Benghazi? It surely appears to be a CIA intelligence failure to warn, if anything of long-term worry is at issue.

This link, re disinformaiton leaking (either that or sloppy Politico coverage).

The big questions; what was the CIA up to at the time in Benghazi, with its presence there and its delayed response -AND- why did it fail in its job to ferret out in advance and warn of possible adverse outcomes of an ambassadorial presence there at that particular time?

If the job is to attain and report back intelligence, why was there not word to the Ambassador, "It might not be a swift idea to be around here on the 9-11 anniversary." That's a microcosm of the original Condi Rice National Security Advisor failure to act on intelligence prior to the original 9-11 situation, back in 2001.

Clinton is not responsible for any intelligence community failure. The CIA Director and his staff, and perhaps DIA and the National Security Advisor and staff would have been the parties at fault? No? Why not?

Back to the headline, on the scale of things such as TPP and tax finagling to favor the uber-rich at the expense of gross income inequality for everyone else; something that many care much about because they feel the hurt, Benghazi is a remote thing in a destabilized area of the Arab world not touching citizens' day-to-day inequalities and suffering at the hands of Wall Stree, others of great wealth, their lobbyists and their lackeys.

Ignore the smokescreens. Get to the nitty-gritty, and keep the focus there. It only makes sense.

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