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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tom Emmer? The man did write "Tom Emmer" in that list.

I had occasion earlier to reread a Watchdog post, stating in part:

[Regarding one successful GOP local candidate last election ...] it's a joke to see some of these anti-gay marriage groups jump on Petersen and use his him [sic] to raise money to fight what they themselves brought on with their hare brained constitutional amendment last year.

Remember their claims?

Let's put a gay marriage ban on the ballot in 2012! It will drive conservatives to the polls! It will drain money away from the DFL! People will love it!

How did that all work out?

Liberals outvoted us, we got outspent all around, and we lost our historic majorities in the legislature.

We got killed in some suburban districts because of the marriage amendment.

Frankly, the majority of conservatives in this state are sick and tired of hearing from the same group of incompetent self-described GOP "strategists" who keep giving us losing propositions.

The marriage amendment, Tom Emmer, Kurt Bills, Allen Quist.

Goodness, this crowd managed to lose photo ID! It was an 80% positive issue going into the election.

We've had enough of your bad advice and we're paying the price.

We haven't turned our back on conservative ideals. We've just grown tired of your amazing ability to turn those universal ideals into losing campaigns.

Unlike Midas, everything you people touch turns into...

[ellipsis in original] Yeah. Emmer. No Midas touch there.

And those crackerjack sure-to GOTV ideas, the two amendments. Sometimes some folks' ideas of what might be good for GOTV Republican aims might backfire. May it happen, this cycle. Nothing particular to mention, but just, may it happen, this cycle.

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