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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Landslide Mary Franson is seeking a third term; send Rick Nolan money so he can whomp the Dan Quayle clone in CD8.

Recounted landslide second termer gunning for three:

“I plan to run on my conservative record opposing higher taxes on hardworking Minnesota families, fighting the damaging effects of Obamacare in Minnesota, and advocating for the unborn,” said Franson.

Will she be the greater or the lesser bozo of the two GOP bozo-ladies presently in that contest? The other one, her family business and all, makes it a hard-to-handicap race.

The entitled one: The Mills-Fleetfarm heir has much cash on hand to be as pro-Polymet in advertising himself, as such a stash of cash enables.

Crowing by the GOP operatives, online here, over the situation.

Fight the sharpening of the knives. Help Nolan.

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