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Thursday, February 20, 2014

David Fitzsimmons: Is he getting payback from the same sorry set he willingly welcomed as allied souls in the past, and does that mean he deserves whatever he may now get for having had such appalingly low standards before?

You decide. Brodkorb likes the guy. Not my party, not my alliances, but interesting in the way a pathologist examines tissue.

To me, it is prostituting to the lowest common denominator in the past to have courted votes of that Jesus-jockey batch of malcontents bent upon obliteration of the separation of church and state. Even the Gipper acknowledged that such a separation was a proper one. Disaster that he was, at least the Gip saw right on that situation.

Strib on Fitzsimmons' dilemma, here.

Talk about whoring, and lo, Lucero, the opposition GOP candidate to DF, posts proof of Fitzsimmons' use earlier of the tactic:

click image to enlarge and read

Lay down with dogs such as Tom Pritchard, you get fleas.

If this Lucero character unhorses Fitzsimmons, it could not happen to a more deserving individual.

When it fits party fashion, wear it. When it falls out of fashion, discard it.

Fitzsimmons. Man of conscience.

Not bending to the expediency of the moment. How exemplary of the GOP we know and love.

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