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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kurt Zellers' announcement juxtaposed against Jim Abeler's foot-in-each-camp stance, regarding a currently held legislative seat, while a candidate for higher office.

Zellers' press statement, posted here, and reported here by Brodkorb - the press release beginning:

ST. PAUL – State Representative Kurt Zellers (R-Maple Grove) announced today he will not seek re-election to the Minnesota House of Representatives. Zellers, first elected in 2003, represents House District 34B – covering the cities of Maple Grove and Osseo.

“It has been an honor to serve the good people of Maple Grove and Osseo over the past 11 years,” said Zellers. “I’m proud of the important legislation I passed over the past six terms benefitting the residents of Maple Grove and Osseo, as well as the state of Minnesota.”

During Zellers’ six terms in the legislature, he enacted sweeping legislation to impose life in prison sentences for violent offenders after the murder of University of North Dakota student Dru Sjodin; secured legislation to build a new hospital in Maple Grove; passed legislation to address the growing need for adolescent mental health treatment; and led the effort to stop Governor Mark Dayton from imposing job killing tax increases on hard working, middle class Minnesotans in 2011-12.

Zellers served as Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives during the 2011 and 2012 legislative sessions. Zellers is only the third Republican to serve as House Speaker since party designation. In his role as Speaker of the House, Zellers led the effort to balance the state budget without raising taxes, turning around the state budget from a $5 billion deficit to an over $3 billion surplus within two years.

How about that politicking next to last paragraph above? Hates dangerous criminals, loves pork, did something worthwhile, and whines a lot about taxation (while loving pork for his district).

Abeler has been and remains silent about the district he currently represents, and his having or not having a fallback intent, given the weakness of his campaign in generating traction, so far, in seeking higher office.

Is it time for Abeler to "release" the seat, or dump the higher aimed campaign and move to secure his legislative seniority position? Is it taking the high road, to leave things hanging in uncertainty as time passes?

The question is posed as a hypothetical. The GOP, it's not my party, it's Abeler's - hence, if those people are happy with Abeler as things stand, so am I. In comparison to other Republicans, Zellers for example, Abeler stands out as less dogmatic and less confrontational, qualities all too rare these days in Republican politicians. Rarer too, among "the Republican base," a phrase used at the Residual Forces blog where I quasi-understand what Andy implies in using that term. Folks who generally agree with Andy, is how I read it.

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