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Friday, February 07, 2014

Sorensen has an item online in Daily Planet on Franson v. Nelson, and industrial hemp.

This link. Hemp as a fiber crop has been used to make paper, and the internet has a literature on William Randolph Hearst as a factor in the early 20th century criminalization of hemp, the allegation being Hearst owned not only newspapers, but timber interests, and it is asserted it was a pocketbook decision on his part to favor wood pulp paper over hemp. That gets to a renewable crop issue, one being an annual crop, the other [with the Forest Service being in the Agriculture Department and not the Interior Department] a crop having a far longer renewal cycle. Now with paper recycling it is less stress on the forests, and lumber is a better use if you are going to go to the woods to leave slash and stumps.

Read the Sorensen item. See if your reading it is like mine, that Sue Nelson is a troublesome demagogue who should stick to the family gun business and not intrude herself into politics. On the husband's side, a Nelson multi-generational family history of being narcs for paychecks, so expect cause and effect at play in the quote Sorensen presents from Nelson's facebooking against Franson. It's a hard trick to make Mary Franson look good by comparison, yet Sue Nelson manages it, that likely exhausting her skill set.

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