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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

If one looks online hard enough, one can find the Republican House quietly passed legislation killing their debt limit circus.

Do a web search. Boehner got religion. A kick start to reasonableness. Blowback from Republican shutdown brinkmanship created the kick.

Even Boehner could read those tealeaves. Stop monkeying around and govern sensibly was the message.

Wisdom might trickle down to local levels, boards and commissions. While conceivable, that is unlikely, since some appear to prefer confrontation over things those who faced an electorate and hold office propose.

Aside from that, I wonder who is planning a run for the at large seat on Ramsey's council, and what that means in terms of franchise fees where Randy Backous holds the seat, and has spoken favorably for franchise fees. Backous has expressed uncertainty over whether he will seek reelection.

Boehner and crew. They are Republicans.

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