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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Andy at Residual Forces has not posted since last night's GOP caucus. Going into it, he said he trusts David Thompson.

While talking of trust Andy never mentioned Marty Siefert by name.

This link.

Words Andy may have to eat:

Dave Thompson is the only candidate for Governor that I actually trust not to let me down. Not to pander.

That is a wait and see thing, certainly so, but Andy as GOP activist with somebody he does not trust, a panderer, he either might be dissatisfied, or show a learning and warming, should his party make a different choice. My bet would be learning and warming, since Andy is such a level headed individual.

Andy uses the word "trust" eleven times in that post. I counted. Also, here in a post from the same day, the post captioned "McFadden for US Senate," Andy admittedly uses less column space in opining, while using the word "trust" once:

US Senate races are not the same as Governor and Republican activists need to learn from past mistakes. You need someone who can reach out to a broad array of people and earn their trust and support. You have to not only attract the hard working activists, but you also have to be able to reach outside of Minnesota for the all important fundraising needed to run an expensive statewide campaign. McFadden’s impressive fundraising totals prove he can do that.

Andy continues:

I’ve heard a few people I respect in Republican circles are eliminating McFadden from their list of who they will endorse because he won’t pledge to abide, and while I think that is important, they are eliminating the only person who can actually beat Franken.

Two or three other candidates in the US Senate race have pledged to abide and it does play oh so well with Delegates, but of those 3, only one, Chris Dahlberg, has released his fundraising numbers for 2013 ($103,00) [sic] and its barely enough to make it to the convention let alone beyond.

Trust the greenback seems a somewhat different story than trust Dave and Michelle.

Beyond the greenback, it has to be McFadden's reaching out to a broad array of people and earning their trust and support, too. Andy says that. Once.

And it has to be McFadden's strong and consistent debate showings on the issues that have earned that trust and support, although I am at a loss to find any substance to McFadden's campaign so far, issue-wise.

Andy sees things I do not, from inside the big GOP tent, pay-per-view, while I admit to being outside it. That link, this paragraph:

The campaign recently sent a fundraising letter, written by several prominent business leaders, including developer Pat Ryan, former Cargill executive Fritz Corrigan, TCF Bank CEO Bill Cooper and former Target CEO Bob Ulrich.

I know Harry and Jen Niska are McFadden people, on record as such. From Andy, to them, is a range of viewpoints, but not necessarily a "broad array" to my way of seeing things. "Broad" encompasses somewhat more a spectrum in my mind.

I expect all three are equally impressed with McFadden's cash on hand and cash generating potential. They probably are correct, the three of them, that McFadden has the greatest chance against Franken, who besides holding a ton of cash too, has wit and charm and likeability. I can envision the Niskas rubbing elbows with the McFadden campaign letter authorship group, more so than Andy.

Last, changing pundits from Andy for now, this is news that might be of interest to a Crabgrass reader or two. Hitch your wagon to a star? No star to me, or ask Bill Luther, but that photo Brodkorb posts. Such a warm and sincere smile ...

Interestingly, that Brodkorb item fails to use the word "trust" even once.

__________FURTHER UPDATE____________
I know nothing of David Gerson beyond what I can read on the web, but in terms of trust I would trust him over Vlad Dracula. Not that he's running against Vlad. He is running against Kline.

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