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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mother Jones disrespects Rhonda Sivarajah. I have learned the spelling of her name, no vowels in error, out of suitable respect for her CD6 candicacy and county board service.

Sivarajah's campaign webstie, at its homepage

indirectly discusses her two opponents in terms of sending either to DC representing less change then she represents. In its entirety:

A Message From Rhonda
Washington is full of people who talk and talk and talk. We need to send people there who will actually deliver real results.

With the growing debt and the erosion of our freedoms, unfortunately, our kids are not going to have the same bright future that previous generations have had if we don’t act now. Instead of giving us real solutions and a new direction, Washington continues to give us more and more of the same big government, top down solutions.

As Chairwoman of the Anoka County Board, I’ve been able to make positive changes and reign in government excess and I will bring the same sort of positive change to Washington. Washington is broken, but it’s not enough to just talk about it. It’s time to do something about it, and I am uniquely qualified to get the job done

"... full of people who talk and talk and talk" vs those "who will actually deliver real results." Rhonda says that.

In terms of that website quote, here's the image MoJo uses:

"... who talk, and talk, and talk ..." MoJo's item, here.

Heaping insult upon that image, MoJo postulates a tug-of-war between Krinkie and Emmer, as surrogates each, for Grover Norquist and Michele Bachmann. Cute? Too cute, since the most viable of the three, as a reliable non-hothead to send to Congress gets zero, nada, zippo mention.

Can you insult a politician more than by non-mention, as if an inconsequential complication to a cutesy theme?

Shame on MoJo.

Still-a-jock-at-heart gets coverage. Sivarajah, no.

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