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Sunday, July 23, 2017

With the new White House spin meister replacing Sean S. it is tune time yet again.

This tune link.

Real news? Is a manure spreader news? To whom?

UPDATE: The Mercer-Breitbart version will  not  be laid on with a trowel, but by using a front loader. Be ready for "buried in it day-in, day-out."

FOX being stressed to keep up with:

The IQ90 News

How would you expect FOX to repackage what's packaged FOX-style at the start?

UPDATE: Six months ago, everyone's friend, a truth, since Spicer said so to the press. In Britain the term is "minister without portfolio" which term would fit Scaramucci then, but now would fit Spicer.

FURTHER: Globe and Mail op-ed.

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