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Monday, July 03, 2017

Who is this bozo? [UPDATED]

Chief Author. Have a look. One as expected.

This one is really galling. What about Freedom? What about Liberty. On the eve of the Fourth of July?

What has changed about fewer unneeded government requirements being thought among our Republican friends as best?

Wha's 'appening?

At least this session she's giving the appearance of not being as worked up about who's peeing where:

Miss Priss, and fellow-traveler, pee policeman Limmer

From this link (also see here):

Limmer: You brought up Bruce Jenner going through his change surgically, and when you interview him, he’s says, ‘Yes. I’m glad I’m now a quote-unquote woman but I still have the yearnings for women!’ And so think of that type of person, a young person who wants to play on a girl’s team because he thinks he is more likely going to be a woman in the future and he’s now going to share a locker room.
Ridgeway: Or a shower.
Limmer: On a girl’s team and if Bruce Jenner still has yearnings for women… so would that young man who thinks he’s a girl in a girls’ locker room
Ridgeway: Yeah the thing is actually, it’s not only crazy, it’s diabolical.

Whelan: I worked pretty closely with the chief author of the bill in the House that would have addressed this issue, and we did actually end up passing it as an amendment onto the education omnibus bill. Now, unfortunately it was stripped out during conference committee as an amendment. The reason for me this issue is so important is, number one, a safety issue. It’s a safety issue, for young people… I actually think that Sen. [Michelle] Benson, one of our colleagues in the Senate, Benson said it very well when they were debating this. You know, you have two kids who are going to school together from kindergarten. Now, maybe they are 10 years old and one’s a boy and one’s a girl and we’ll say one of them says, ‘You know what? I no longer feel like a boy. I want to be a girl. Well, now this little girl who was with this child for you know 5 to 6 years is going to the bathroom with him and unfortunately, you know, that girl goes home and says, ‘Mom, dad, I don’t understand’ You know, ‘so and so was a boy and is now a girl, like am I still a girl or am I a boy now? You as a parent have to deal with that and it just… unfortunately it raises a lot of scary questions.


Whelan:I know, that brings me back to the transgender issue real quick. I just wanted to mention, you know, when we look at this issue, the long-term effects for example of a transgender operation, when they do studies on it, the suicide rates for those folks increases 20 times and we’re not just talking about these individuals. This will affect taxpayers at some point. They are talking about having taxpayer-funded transgender surgeries, taxpayer-funded hormone suppression therapy for kids, and they don’t even know the long terms effects of that. But one of the things is if you are a young person, you might become infertile by going through some of these things. So when we are talking about, you know, what Sen. Limmer brought up earlier with the sports teams and bathrooms in schools, it really is a lot broader… We want to get to this issue so it doesn’t keep going but if we don’t it will keep going and see, you know, we need to be praying about this for sure.

What Patrick Henry died for. Clearly so. Beyond any doubt between the Wehlan ears. Pray lady pray, for Patrick Henry, for if alive now, seeing this crock, he might have more of a regret.


For Limmer, a limerick:

We had a bad Rep. name of Limmer
Whose light bulb grew dimmer and dimmer
With Whelan as pal
Go challenge that "gal"
Go full boil, and not just a simmer.

Rome is burning. Billionaires are looting our nation's fisc with an aim to gut public education as we know and love it.

Whelan, Limmer, Ridgeway, let 'em pee, and instead do your job. But you see your job as lackey of the billionaires; voting party leadership's way 100% exactly as told, despite any of your diversionary peeing matches? Broom time. Big time need. For a Clean Sweep.


Does anybody else see perhaps a bit of mischief in this Whelan hummer?

click the image to enlarge and read

A story within a story? Favoritism with a purpose, perhaps a history? Who is the person or group set to benefit most behind development (crabgrass on the greens) of "Greens of Anoka," and why special TIF treatment? Crony legislation? Crony TIF? What?

Who owns Greenhaven Golf Course? Any reader with enlightening info is encouraged to submit a blog comment. That includes you, Abigail, (Jim as Senate sponsor).

Limmer and Lucero as confederates in bias is bad news. No libertarian here, yet she does know district needs, regardless of her counterproductive conduct, no mistaking that. Abeler does the heavy lifting in the Senate for pork distribution bills in his district; Whelan tags along, coat-tailing while sowing discord and distraction but voting strict party line when end of session real stuff happens. A party hack with a bent toward sowing discord is not within the best interests of a district. One who backs away from any substantive stance, blaming Jesus for her being an evasive asshole. Poor lashed and scorned Jesus, having to take the rap for Whelan's insipidness and biases.

Watch that last linked video.

On top of the other baggage: She's a full-buy-in Dominionist.

A Dominionist in drag. But barely so. This guerrilla Domionist video fits Whelan. And the fact is, a guerrilla Dominionist does not represent my interests, not my world view, not my secular legisaltive district, not one iota; yet she has her sorry crazy butt in the HR35A seat - no blame to me, I voted otherwise. Praise Jesus. He died for this phony crap? This insipid "soul?" Unlikely!

__________FURTHER UPDATE___________
This link. Anti-BDS impositions on freedom, however contrived, are un-American.

__________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Part of the "who is" or not, you decide: Economist online, here:

Back in 2011, white evangelicals were the most likely group to say that personal morality was important in a president, according to the Public Religion Research Institute. Since Mr Trump became the Republican standard-bearer, they have become the least likely group to say that, changing what seems like a fundamental issue of morality to accommodate their support for the president.

One possible explanation for this swift change of heart is that many of those who identify themselves in surveys as evangelicals are not as religious as they seem.

Sometimes religion worn on the sleeve is little but a crutch for wagging around in dodging truths or in other forms of evasion. Sometimes Dominionism is real and a threat. Sometimes a chameleon is one color, sometimes another; depending on environment in immediate surroundings and circumstances.

Sometimes in the nature or nurture conundrum Lamarckian evolution might be real. That linked item mentions "brain plasticity" (e.g., Limmer et al.)? Too much plasticity might be a bad thing. Plasticity in response to a tight question over tax havens might have various origins; entrenched organic or an adaptive response to an irritating stimulus. Of the latter, reinforcement learning generating little but the conditioned reflex, might not be the best of things. For the lab animal or otherwise.

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