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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Retrospective - Beat like a drum.

This item. Here.

Going forward, not forward together with Wall Street preeminent, (that's somebody else's other false clown show). But forward with better ways and means that we with a conscience all know is right and just.

Yes, we have heard it before. Be damned certain, you will keep hearing it until the rock is pushed to the top. It is truth and a finger on the pulse of beat like a drum. The money behind those being beat like a drum is the same money that won 2016 and is winning and is cleaning the table to where nothing's left. Both parties, presently, are owned and governed by the money which governs through surrogates who give speeches and stand on board The Plan. CHANGE did not happen, and Trump also lied, and we need Nina Turner to keep the faith and speak the truth.

UPDATE: Bless Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! for posting/publishing today's real story, apart from shaking Russians at us as a story to distract from the Story of a true need for true CHANGE.

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