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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Not needing any Betsy DeVos voucher from all of us to her already enriched benefit, Rebekah Mercer homeschools her children. Apparently she admirably eschews taking that next logical step from the DeVos voucher position, "I homeschool, cut me a taxpayers' check."

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Can you imagine the education the young tykes are getting? Ann Coulter as a substitute teacher? Robert Mercer can cut big checks, and with integrity comparable to Ted Cruz, Coulter likely would take the job were it suitably offered.

Perhaps the Mercers would hesitate to pull that trigger. Coulter being Coulter after all.

UPDATE: Politico, here; second paragraph.

FURTHER: Same item, sixth paragraph. When it gets to naming names . . . what have the Mercers done for trump, lately?

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