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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Juan Cole highlights the route to disengagement in the middle east.

"Record: Germany at 35% Renewables in Electricity Production, By Juan Cole - Jul. 5, 2017" at this link.

Go renewable, let them ration their oil to the world economy where petrochemical use over combustion makes sense. You need the resins to fabricate the wind turbine blades; balsa wood will not do. You need heat treatment in the carbon fiber manufacturing processes. But Tesla autos prove something.

Disengage, let Israel and the Arabs and the Persians buy arms from us, and let them effectuate their policies in ways they choose.

Use our wealth on helping our disadvantaged at home. Improve infrastructure, improve the welfare of all, and fund single payer. It makes sense, and if you tax the rich, tax Wall Street, then what? They move to Saudi Arabia? That's not anyone's answer, least of all Wall Street's.

But call the shots for the people not for the handful of over-powered capitalist oligarchs who run things now by buying politicians from both of the two dominant parties. The status quo is stupid, for the people. Great for the barons of wealth, screwed up big time for everyone else.

An energy independence policy with a disengagement policy would allow downsizing the military and the arms merchants' subsidies. Which is only just.

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