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Monday, July 24, 2017

Globe and Mail. Opening quote, "Canadians often make the mistake of viewing U.S. health care through the prism of our own (semi-) universal system, where everyone gets treated more or less in the same fashion. The concept of one-size-fits-all health care is antithetical to the ethos of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Americans see health care as a status symbol, like big houses and expensive cars. Even most Americans who support some form of public health coverage for the poor shudder at the thought of a Canadian-style system where everyone waits in the same line and no one, regardless of income, gets to jump the queue. That’s fine for 'other people' but not them." [UPDATED]

This whole-item context. For an insight into the truth of that headline-quote observation, follow the link in the post below this one. For more context on that linked item in the prior post, look here, scrolling to the Magerman quote for the gist, then scan the entire thing. Perhaps wrong, I see robber barons and politician purchasers as having negative social value. I doubt that's a wrong view, however. I see Mr. Mercer and daughter as a disease.

In fairness, "disease" might be too harsh or precise a judgment, make it "some form of pathology." The added ambiguity does not hurt the thrust of the thought.

Robert and Rebekah Mercer are heartless thugs, with money. If social, moral conscience were to be the measure each merits life in prison without parole.

Do read that Globe and Mail item. It is short, clear, and sobering. Thugs at work rigging both sides of the health provision/consumption equation. Thugs like the Mercers. Like the UnitedHealth CEO and/or its board chairman. Any Senator or Representative not 100% behind single payer should be replaced. A better system than "Slime Prospers" is needed, but don't wait for the new Trump communications coordinator to say so. He prospers.

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