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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Bless the nurses.

This link.

Al Franken, get your butt in the right line, or you're a joke, the joke, and you're not dumb like Whelan.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
If Franken does not show more, he gets his name here in lower case, like tom perez. Not deserving capital letters.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Here and here.

The fan's loaded up in the Golden State. Time for a clean sweep broom; primary the troglodytes out of office.

____________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Click this link to be privileged to download a 6 megabyte photo of Anthony Rendon wearing what looks to be an extremely expensive suit. You can see the quality of the talioring when you enlarge that image life size. You can get this. Because he cares.

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