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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Reading this and that, a Clinton sighting recently, the question: Where's Huma?

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Wikipedia. Zippo about since Clinton left government and lost. Can anyone even in a comment indicate whether she's gotten her laptop computer back, or not?

Indeed, what's Teneo specializing in these days? This link, but a subscription wall. Yesterday's news.

Is there any chance Teneo might be tied to the Russians, Russian emigre oligarchs? Money gloms together a lot, after all.

A shot-in-the-dark websearch only turned up this and this. Largely a dry well. Who's to say?

Questions having more appeal than "Where's Hillary?"

This. This. All I know is what I read on the web. For all I know there might have been a Teneo Hospitality presence in that Russian hotel where Trump stayed during the beauty pageant.

Uranium One. Between election and inauguration.

Another shot-in-the-dark search; yielding as first two hits on the list, this and this, both fairly recent. One mentions Uranium One, the other does not.

But, where's Huma? A remaining mystery. Another dry well search.

UPDATE: Zain Endeavors LLC? What have you done for me lately? For anyone? Where do you endeavor? Who's Zain?

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