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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! And its only the latest in an illustrious list . . .

Yeah, but wait. That was 2016. A year ago. Not this year. It's time again, so, wha's happening? For a keynote speaker, Bannon seems to be with time on his hands. But would he fit into the sequence of illuminaries who've been past featured speakers? What about General Flynn? Lot's of possible choices, so, wha's up, Doc?

Well, maintaining Facebook pages seems in general a Republican pastime, but this time old news is not news, but a websearch gets the folks' main site:

April 27th, 2017 – Freedom Club Spring Dinner featring David Horowitz

Be there or be square.

But, wtf is "David Horowitz?" Never heard of him. What's his shtick? Featuring a non-entity makes one do more web searching: bingo - twin sons of different mothers? This websearch >> this site. A money vacuum, give, give, give. Now I understand the MO.

But what's the pitch?

Jihadis gonna get ya so ya better watch out. Around every corner. Behind every tree. After your first born.

Paranoia redux. Paul Revere - jihadis are coming.

Yawn. Can't Freedom Club do any better? Are they short of cash, or what, going for the B team? Cardinal Burke had a full calendar? Wanted too high a fee? Palin out on a bear hunt?

UPDATE: The dude's video, looking as if a Citizens United - Steve Bannon documentary special; all the Bannon touches there; can you monger that fear? THE LEFT! MY GOTT, THE LEFT! THE OPPRESSIVE HIDDEN-AGENDA LEFT! ISLAMO-FASCIST LEFTISTS! AFTER YOUR WEALTH AND WELL BEING, SO GIVE ME THE CASH!

Freedom Clubsters have a kind of problem with reality; and without all the money they'd be only a joke.

FURTHER: Perhaps a speaking topic surprise would be discourse on 501(c)(3) abuse; and Horowitz could invite Mitch Pearlstein and they could do an after dinner arm-wrestle for donor cash.

FURTHER: Not knowing her language, not knowing details of her presentation. Reconizable body language and help from Brietbart friends, on the message. Islam amok, oh my.

Saviors aplenty; all needed, a rostrum.

Perhaps after her election Freedom Club could book her. Or just have David Horowitz give his spiel in French, either way, bases covered.

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