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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Montana's special election: Outing the Outsorcerers' Apprentice.

Starting with a bit of jargon and a hope of getting it correct, CRM means "Customer Resource Management," "hosted CRM" means sited other than on-premises CRM, and "BPO" means "Business Product Outsourcing." Then a theme setting screencapture, one capturing the mood of the man:

screencapture from here

The Forbes blurb is dated, 2009; and the Cowgirl item yielding the capture, Oct. 2016. But is there more, and is cumulative evidence really needed? The answer here: yes, and yes. Does a pattern starting even earlier add something? (Another: yes.)

CRMbuyer, as early as 2004, wrote in this Gianforte interview article:

Bozeman, Montana-based RightNow Technologies is a major player in the on-demand CRM space. In an interview with CRM Buyer, RightNow CEO Greg Gianforte explained [...] his company allows organizations to use what they know about their customers, in the form of phone transcripts and e-mail records, to anticipate service inquiries and initiate upsell and cross-sell actions.

[...] CRM Buyer: How has RightNow seen the market for hosted CRM evolve in the past year?

Greg Gianforte:
Hosted CRM really began at our inception in 1997. In the past year, we have seen what have traditionally been thought of as barriers to adoption really crumble and fall away. The objections we used to hear were around customization, integration, security [and] not having control over the upgrade process. Slowly, through working with our customers, we've shown them that they don't lose control of the application in a hosting environment. If the systems are in place, they actually have better control of an application in a hosting environment than they would in an on-premise environment.

[...] CRM Buyer: What types of companies are RightNow's target customers -- SMBs? Large companies?

Historically, we sold primarily to middle-market companies, and we realized the buying characteristics of departments in a Global 2000 are nearly identical to the buying characteristics of middle-market companies. [...] And we typically serve companies that have between five and 500 dedicated people in their customer-service organization.

CRM Buyer: Do you have a lot of outsourcing customers?

We have deep relationships with many of the top outsourcers. In fact, we just announced what we believe to be the largest deal ever done by an on-demand CRM company with Convergys. It's a milestone, not just for RightNow Technologies but for the whole industry. There has been some question on whether this on-demand model can scale up. We already have 2,000 seats deployed at Convergys. It's a rubicon [sic] for the on-demand market because the question of being scalable has lingered. Last year we served over 200 million customers on behalf of our clients. That's a large system in anybody's book.

Domestic outsourcers are recognizing that, in the face of competition where they might be moving contact centers offshore, they have to bring to their clients a solution set that can allow them to maximize the efficiency and the quality of service they deliver. And these sorts of [RightNow -&- Convergys] automation efforts really allow you to do that.

[bolding in original, italics added] Convergys in 2012 being highlighted in another trade outlet, ABS-CBN News:

Posted at Apr 20 2012 11:07 PM | Updated as of Apr 21 2012 07:07 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Convergys Corporation was again named “BPO Employer of the Year” at this year’s International ICT Awards held in Manila.

The award marked the third time the customer management firm was named the top business process outsourcing (BPO) in the country.

“Convergys is dedicated to providing unparalleled service to our clients and their customers across the globe,” said Ivic Mueco, Convergys vice president and country manager in the Philippines.

“The hard work and dedication of our employees in the Philippines continues to support our growth and our goal of being the employer of choice throughout the country,” Mueco added.

The judging committee based its decision on the firm’s leadership, strategic HR practices, continuous improvement programs, corporate social responsibility efforts, and overall support for the industry.

Convergys has established 18 contact center facilities in the country within 8 years.

It has about 26,000 employees throughout these sites.

As noted in opening, BPO means "Business Product Outsourcing," and the above item was found via Wikipedia:Convergys, which highlights the firm of which Gianforte boasted his own firm putting in place ONE BLOCKBUSTER OF A DEAL, "a milestone, not just for RightNow Technologies but for the whole industry." Presumably by that he meant the BPO industry vs any "on-premise environment." Readers can follow the link, yet in marshaling evidence a quote helps, with original footnoting:

In 2012, Convergys Philippines, 8 years after its entry into the country established 18 centers with 26,000 employees in all, was named “BPO Employer of the Year” at the annual International ICT Awards.[8]

On April 3, 2013, Convergys completed the acquisition of New Zealand-based Datacom call center operations in Kuala Lumpur and Manila for $20 million.[9]

On January 6, 2014, Convergys and Stream Global Services announced entry into a definitive merger. Under the agreement, Convergys would acquire Stream for a total enterprise value of $820 million in cash.[10] On March 3, 2014, Convergys completed the acquisition of Stream creating the 2nd largest BPO provider in the outsourcing industry. The merger brought their total employees to approximately 125,000 with 150 centers in 31 countries supporting 47 languages.[11]

47 languages, in Montana? If Gianforte is servicing that Montana-job-based, all you can say is: Wow. Perhaps H-B1 foreign language help might factor into things, if in a Montana "on-premises environment."

But wait, in fairness, it is the boasted of contract partner, Convergys noted there at 47 languages. Convergys being the outsourcer, RightNow being the outsourcer's apprentice? (We don't see the contract, it's non-public, so we only can guess. Perhaps The Montana Cowgirl will ask Mr. G about that blockbuster of a contract deal; who's what got what, one firm and then the other. If he even now recollects it, or instead suffers a memory deficit.)

Readers are invited to follow those Wikipedia:Convergys footnote links for detail; or just have a look at who RightNow's landmark deal partner is, i.e., simply looking at the Convergys homepage:

What We Do

Great experiences don't happen by chance. They are the result of inspired thinking and design that transforms the mundane into something memorable.

Convergys is the world leader in customer experience outsourcing. We infuse innovation, insights, and operational excellence to make every experience great for your customers and your business.


150+ locations
33 Countries

Careers & Growing


Build Your Career With Convergys

When you become part of our team, you join 130,000 talented people around the world who represent some of today’s leading brands. At Convergys, one of our values is to "Grow As a Team." It's in our DNA to prioritize teamwork and develop our people. By working together, we achieve great things for clients and create opportunities to build rewarding careers. You can be part of that when you join our team. And it's all at your fingertips!

And that would be "at your fingertips" where; Helena, or Bozeman, or even possibly Cut Bank, where Rob Quist was born and spent his early life ranching before moving on to music art. Or was it farming? Ask Quist that; and ask Gianforte about his ranch and farm experiences.

If you labor, particularly in a union, and have seen jobs of co-workers escape overseas, a thought: You don't have to live in Montana to know which way the wind blows -

The Rob Quist/Montana campaign has its email subscription box on the homepage, so signing up is cost-free:

The Quist/Montana contributions page, with ActBlue enabled is here:

That page also gives the address for snail mail contribution by check:

PO Box 1917, Kalispell MT, 59903

disclaimer: I've no connection with the ROB QUIST campaign, I live in Minnesota not Montana, and I am an independent because the current Clintonian/Podesta Democratic Party is out of tune with needs of real people aside frm the super-wealthy. I have neither met nor spoken to Rob Quist nor Greg Gianforte - AND - I might be unable to recognize Quist in a crowd without the hat, nor Gianforte, wearing one. Furthermore, I take Greg Gianforte at his word, "Hosted CRM really began at our inception in 1997." Back in the Bubba presidency, that far back! With him, innovator, perhaps not "Apprentice?"

Outsourcery, 2004 again, in an SEC filing where untrue or misleading misstatements or omissions can be problematic under Rule 10b4; a wordsearch = outsource:

(Exact Name of Registrant as Specified in Its Charter)

[...] Sales and Marketing

We sell our products primarily through our direct sales organization and to a lesser extent through indirect channels. Our direct sales organization is separated into new business and installed base sales groups. In our new business sales group, we employ personnel to make initial calls to potential clients and qualify client leads and direct sales representatives to close sales with clients and assist our client support group in implementation. Our installed base sales organization focuses on managing existing client relationships, further penetrating those relationships and cross-selling and up-selling into those relationships. [...] At March 31, 2004, we had relationships with over 30 indirect channel distributors. Domestically, our indirect channel consists primarily of relationships with outsourcers and referral partners who refer leads to us. Outsourcers represent a developing indirect channel for our solutions that we intend to expand and we currently have relationships with several outsourcers, including Convergys, ICT and KPN/SNT. We have dedicated staff in our sales organization calling on and servicing these partners.

Do you see any material misstatement or omission in that explanation of "dedicated staff ... servicing these partners?" Presumably head honcho G. read and approved statements before the lawyers filed them; or had as much input opportunity as he cared to have in SEC activities.

"Outsourcers represent a developing indirect channel for our solutions that we intend to expand and we currently have relationships with several outsourcers, including Convergys, ICT and KPN/SNT," would then NOT be a misstatement, if in an SEC filing?

And that would be with a 2004 intent to expand relationships with outsourcers, and a "dedicated staff in our sales organization calling on and servicing these partners;" so you decide, does that mean facilitating the outsourcing of jobs; or something surprisingly different from job outsourcing assistance being a reported corporate goal of the firm?

As a hypothetical: If we don't rob a bank, but aid and abet bank robbing, could we be prosecuted?

So after 2004, with the profits rolling in, would you presume the expansionary intent to aid and abet job outsourcing failed to materialize; from 2004 to the 2011 Oracle purchase? If so, why? Oracle paid big bucks after all.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
Perhaps Rob Quist should write a new song,

"Don't call me killer or a looter,
I did not gun Miss Hattie dead,
I only loaded the six-shooter,
Someone else unloaded on her head."

That would be like an analogy to something akin to aiding and abetting something like outsourcing but not doing it. Plausible deniability in a song.

Too awkward for song wording perhaps, but Quist is adept at taking a theme and turning good words and melody.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE______________A
Unsure whether this extremely well-written KXLH item was linked to earlier, or perhaps only a link given to an online post that linked to it; this is the real deal on outsourcery so read it. If it is redundant, less harm is done than if it is not and this opportunity to link were missed. Haste should not best thoroughness.

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