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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Reading this and that, a Clinton sighting recently, the question: Where's Huma?

image source
Wikipedia. Zippo about since Clinton left government and lost. Can anyone even in a comment indicate whether she's gotten her laptop computer back, or not?

Indeed, what's Teneo specializing in these days? This link, but a subscription wall. Yesterday's news.

Is there any chance Teneo might be tied to the Russians, Russian emigre oligarchs? Money gloms together a lot, after all.

A shot-in-the-dark websearch only turned up this and this. Largely a dry well. Who's to say?

Questions having more appeal than "Where's Hillary?"

This. This. All I know is what I read on the web. For all I know there might have been a Teneo Hospitality presence in that Russian hotel where Trump stayed during the beauty pageant.

Uranium One. Between election and inauguration.

Another shot-in-the-dark search; yielding as first two hits on the list, this and this, both fairly recent. One mentions Uranium One, the other does not.

But, where's Huma? A remaining mystery. Another dry well search.

UPDATE: Zain Endeavors LLC? What have you done for me lately? For anyone? Where do you endeavor? Who's Zain?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

You have got to be kidding me. In suing to quiet title against a publicly held and publicly used road route to recreational public land and to a public waterway (a Montana stream) it seems a degree of lack of forethought to political ramifications might disqualify a person trying that stunt from being deemed by voters as in all ways qualified to handle the nuances of duty going with holding a posiiton of public trust. Voters should be informed, and then decide.

Not being a Montana lawyer, all I can write about is what I read on the internet, where a lawyer's opinion clearly would be needed to assess likelihoods and difficulties; law having its nuances and not being an exact science. Were it one, there would never be any disputes over law and the meanings of wording of statutes; only disputes of facts; and it is likely disputes of law have existed since territorial times. Again, for definitive advice on that or any word of this post, ask a practicing licensed Montana lawyer.

That said, Google Scholar has Montana case law online; this link for search = easement by prescription

This link for search = frivolous claim

The Gianforte complaint appears to allege some original defect of easement grant in that grantor persons named in the complaint are alleged to have lacked full title to be able to convey an easement, with that being suggested in the complaint as having fatal consequences for continuing pubic ingress/egress. See: This site, posting by link, this pdf of the court filing.

From the first Google Scholar search; Public Lands Access v. Boone & Crockett, 856 P. 2d 525, 259 Mont. 279 (Mont. 1993) teaches as black-letter law:

To establish an easement by prescription, the party claiming an easement "must show open, notorious, exclusive, adverse, continuous and uninterrupted use of the easement claimed for the full statutory period. The statutory period is five years." Keebler v. Harding (1991), 247 Mont. 518, 521, 807 P.2d 1354, 1356. (Citation omitted.) See also; Downing v. Grover (1989), 237 Mont. 172, 175, 772 P.2d 850, 852. The burden is on the party seeking to establish the prescriptive easement. Downing, 772 P.2d at 852. "All elements must be proved in a case such as this because `one who has legal title should not be forced to give up what is rightfully his without the opportunity to know that his title is in jeopardy and that he can fight for it'" Downing, 772 P.2d at 852.

"To be adverse, the use of the alleged easement must be exercised under a claim of right and not as a mere privilege or license revocable at the pleasure of the owner of the land; such claim must be known to, and acquiesced in by, the owner of the land." Keebler, 807 P.2d at 1356-1357. "If the owner shows permissive use, no easement can be acquired since the theory of prescriptive easement is based on adverse use." Rathbun v. Robson (1983), 203 Mont. 319, 322, 661 P.2d 850, 852. (Citation omitted.)

Landowners in their McMansion had to know people were coming and going over the route in question for as long as they occupied the McMansion. Use would have been open and notorious to a grade school student; and claim of right seems admitted in the complaint - a deed of record, claimed to be defective, but sufficient as a claim of right. Ingress/egress over the route had to exist over time, well over the five year prescriptive period, even if legal title had a defect.

Neighborly accommodation and extinguishment by actions evidencing a "distinct and positive assertion of a hostile right," if present, were not pleaded in the complaint. Only a defect in legal title was alleged. If the Gianforte spouses ever put a chain or other "keep out" barrier across the access route, such possibility is absent from the pleading.

A court would have to decide whether a frivolous action was involved; but the action was dismissed by the court on its own motion for lack of any diligent prosecution of the claim.

In any event, whether a lame and unwinnable claim was or was not at issue, for a politician to pull such a boneheaded bunch of crap against public access to public facilities staggers the imagination.

That's not a legal opinion. It's a plain common sense conclusion based on a belief of there being a functioning sensible psychology to a voting public. That the quiet title stunt; valid at law or not; was a fatal error for one wanting election by a majority vote of a voting public.

Apart from practicalities and legalities of the assertion of an attempt to close off a public recreational access route by one contemplating seeking office; there may or may not be a dimension at play of The Elihu Root Quotation.

Readers may form independent opinions of these subjective "judgment" questions; and one parting thought is helpful. The Enhancing Montana's Wildlife & Habitat post, already linked, seems the most thorough and helpful analysis of the factual detail of the Gianforte route killing effort; and voter judgment shall be the determinant of the wisdom of that anti-public-interest effort ever having seen the light of day.

UPDATE: Credit for reaching the EMWH item just mentioned, is due. This fork-in-him item, included a footer UPDATE link, with the update in turn linking to EMWH.

Referring back to the recent Timmer - LeftMN post, and a context for a thought.

Timmer here wrote:

The Democrats think that by being the Slightly Less Evil to Workers™ party and sitting back and letting Trump be Trump, we’ll be good.

In answer, perhaps.

Here is a recent tightly written post by Dan Burns online at MPP. A part of an extended online sequence, as is clear from the title.
Click to enlarge and read, or go to the original

While unsure of where Burns got the image, it tells its own story. Perhaps all but the most lumberheaded Dem inner party dweller might look at the jobs in the red, and say "lost spoils."

Perhaps, but don't bet on it, enough of the lower-income Dem inner party mavens may consider the wisdom of burying the hatchet and giving progressives their due.

Since Bernie would have won and all inner party persons, both parties, know that regardless of what they'll admit, what is "the progressives' due" might take time to establish given intransigence of ideologues of the Clinton Republican-lite Third Way; but coming to reason can be at least hoped for, if not being a good bet for any wager.

Those in-the-red job numbers have an eloquence that blog posting by Timmer, or here about Timmer, lack; however best we try to write and explain.

It is simple. Not rocket science. Polling proves: Bernie had the winning message, despite the money givers calling shots differently for the Dem candicacy handed us during the last presidential election.

It is not progressives' oxen being gored. If progressives are not given their due; there are other jobs, state levels, as well as federal. Even the entrenched donor-fed DC consultancies might suffer.

Dem Inner Party mavens - feel the rain.

UPDATE: The MPP chart, full size, is online here. The numbers are easier to read.

FURTHER UPDATE: As to labels, "progressives" is in common usage but is not as good as "democratic socialists," the term that Bernie and Jill Stein helped define and popularize last election cycle [see sidebar]. Woodrow Wilson has forever given a stain and taint to the term "progressiveism" since it was war-mongering and big-state to him, and he if anything was plain vanilla traditional liberal; with the neoliberals, both parties, being the present impediment to a decent nation. Terms such as "Our Revolution" and "Justice Democrats" serve well, to delineate distinctions.

While both were used during the recent Montana Governor race, these are two of the most effective short political ads done recently; and each applies to the pending special election contest in Montana.

Online videos. Here and here. Watch them. Fast food and fish, but so much more.

And the opponent highlighted in each is not a Tea Party GOP reformer. He is a part of the in-place GOP inner party plutocracy, and he makes no pretenses of offering Tea Party cred. That Montana special election could be a bellweather event. In part a referendum on Trump, talking populist, entrenching billionaires and plutocrats. If some Montana Trump voters feel buyer's remorse, it will show. May 25 will be a day of interest, nationwide.

For context on the second video, the litigation was widely reported in Montana; e.g., here, here and here.

It would be no big surprise if Rob Quist and Bernie Sanders campaigning in Montana were to book and the Montana Democratic Party were to widely publicize a major campaign event at that river access spot, with the fast-food carload invited there along with representatives of the state and national press. A happening. Smaller than Woodstock, but potentially big.

Gather there to bury the access spot's neighboring Caesar, not to praise him?

Can you imagine a give-em-hell Bernie speech about overreaching self-infatuated plutocrats, at that locale? It would be a humdinger.

UPDATE: The spot would also be good for a congregation event that Greg and Susan would have a difficult time voicing any effort to stymie, being who they publicly hold themselves out to be and all.

That could be a post-election event, depending on how things turn out.

Outsource partners? Wait a minute, he did clearly say "outsource partners."

On Fox he said, job outsourcing is our RightNow facilitation skill.

Steve Timmer is again actively posting at LeftMN.

You should bookmark it if you have not already:

Of recent items, without any quoting because readers are most strongly urged to follow the links: here, linking here.

There also is an embedded video Timmer values enough to embed; so rotor over and check things out.

One Montana election issue akin to the sulfide mining worry in the northern Minnesota Boundary Waters neighborhood.

For Minnesotans and others viewing public lands debate in Montana during the special election ramp-up; this websearch, hat tip to here, where Crabgrass first took notice. It appears late Obama presidency trending was to protect public lands adjacent to or near Yellowstone Park via a mining and mineral extraction lease ban. Now the appearance is that legislation would be needed given a current presidential disinclination to protect public lands. The linked "first notice" item links here, to this letter from Senator Tester to the administration.

click image to read it

Why resurrect the MN Progressive Project's world famous Norm Coleman Weasel Meter? Because he is. Also, was and will be. Nancy Pelosi cannot sing, but Norm's minions care not; in TV hijinks aimed against Montana's best and brightest hope for a future, Rob Quist. Only a weasel would do that.

Anybody wanting to know who Rob Quist really is should take the half-hour it takes to view this video, and leave the half-minute and minute-long GOP mud-slinging stuff alone as the pure out-of-state toxic waste it is.

world-famed metered weasel
was-is-will be

College Weasel, Norm Bullhorn
Congressional Leadership Fund's Board Chair, former single-term Minnesota Senator, Norm "College Bullhorn Agitator" Coleman, (who backed into his Senate term because Paul Wellstone died on election day eve), has a post-college history and a present reach.

As an ongoing agitator, this time a GOP outside agitator with a weasel-paw reach into Montana, Norm remains who he's been; as Rollcall reports:

GOP Super PAC Ties Montana's Rob Quist to Nancy Pelosi - Congressional Leadership Fund begins $800,000 media campaign
(Posted Apr 21, 2017 6:00 AM -- by Simone Pathé)

House GOP leadership is deploying House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in a new TV attack on Democratic nominee Rob Quist.

The ad, which will debut Friday on broadcast and cable, marks the start of an $800,000 media buy from Congressional Leadership Fund. The super PAC ran its first TV ad against Quist last month, using many of the same attacks.

But this new ad adopts the longtime GOP strategy, which CLF has used on TV repeatedly in Georgia in recent weeks, of tying Democratic congressional candidates to Pelosi.

“Rob Quist talks folksy,” the narrator says, opening the spot. “But his record is more Nancy Pelosi than Montana,” the narrator says.

“Whether it’s cuts to the military or doubling down on a health care system more expensive than Obamacare, Rob Quist continues to prove he is more in-tune with Nancy Pelosi than Montana,” CLF executive director Corry Bliss said in a statement.

The ad also goes after Quist’s personal financial troubles, hitting him for a “long pattern of failing to pay his bills” and late taxes.

“Rob’s reckless financial past is a scary indication of how he’d treat Montanans’ hard-earned dollars. CLF will continue to expose Rob for what he is: out-of-touch and untrustworthy,” Bliss said.
[links in original]

Come on. Pelosi cannot sing and wears no hat. Beyond that, she's one of the corporatist Dem millionaire Congress members, and not the people's true populist and progressive Quist is. She's vanilla DC. Quist is eternal Blue Sky country legit.

As to Quist's openess about past financial stress, it qualifies him to represent real people who know distress as a too familiar unwelcome lifetime companion. Quist's pre-existing medical dilemma was a cause of piled up out-of-pocket medical bills he has since paid off.

Unlike Trump, no host of bankruptcy court meanderings. Facing a debt Quist paid it off. Something all of Congress cannot or fails to want to do for the nation's debt, so why would this line of Bullhorn be relevant? Because Norm knows his one way, and little of other ways and his superPAC cronies [super-lobbyist Minnesotan Vin Weber on that same slushPAC board according to Wikipedia] must be happy with his Chairmanship since he's still in that boss honcho saddle.

Go figure. The quality of the advertisements mirror the quality of the string pulling leadership team. Outsiders might be leaving an oilslick wherever they reach into Montana. And the truth is that attack-advertising Bullhorn Coleman dissing Quist's financial hardship must, himself, know something about hardship, given this one involving Coleman's reported past benefactor, Kaziminy. (Yes, a Chap. 11, a reorg and not throwing in the towel, it is fair to note that).

Like that mud-slinging ad says, "Rob Quist talks folksy." But the fact is, he's not a grifter.

Color it green. Should Norm and Vin's thing at all set a hook, and you believe Nancy Pelosi might not know what's best for Montana and have Montana's best future in mind; why in the world would you think otherwise of Las Vegas gambling house magnate Sheldon Adelson, who knows certainly what's best for Sheldon (from Ballotpedia, Norm and Vin's Congreessional Leadership adventure's green; with no more recent data yet found on the web):

So, on a nationwide basis, Norm Bullhorn and his Tonto, Vin, only do negative ad publishing; and the casino deep pocket is their prime green valley. Trust such a bunch, or trust Rob Quist or Greg Gianforte? As another Minnesotan, having that and only that in common with Norm and Vin, I also am an outsider to Montana. At least I've driven the interstate through there, and stopped for a fine dinner in Missoula. That likely is a step ahead of Norm, Vin, or Sheldon and family. So, trust me more; but mainly trust the candidates and not outsiders, especially dirt throwing advertisements (which takes little skill, as can be seen from the two things Rollcall linked to in giving a flavor of the brand).

Now if you've any faith in a claim Rob Quist has ever even talked to Nancy Pelosi or to any of her campaign people or House staff; please in a comment identify when, where, and who.

It simply is a manufactured totally fake claim.

Brought to you as Norm and Vin sideshow barking on Sheldon's bucks. Sheldon's casino cash.

________________FURTHER UPDATE________________
A gentler critique of the one-term former Senator, sort of, by another from Minnesota, here.

_______________FURTHER UPDATE________________
In advising Montanans, trust the candidates, that means take the time to show up and listen when either is in your town. See the person, the cut of his jib, the sincerity or falseness you might feel, in person. Trash half-minute TV stuff is for the super lazy, the ignorant, and the GOP shall likely outspend the Democrats in that direction.

To counter Sheldon's casino cash TV trash blurbs, send Rob Quist's campaign a check. I did. I likely will cut another soon. I don't need credit for it, I need a better House of Representatives:

Rob Quist Congressional Campaign
PO Box 1917, Kalispell MT, 59903

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A quick tune time thought for Bernie and Rob Quist when campaigning together to send Quist to Congress. Good thoughts for two fine people.

Doing well to be here still, and Jerry is missed. This link.

Bonus tune. May 25 will be upon us soon.

A reposting from an Observer-Dispatch item. [Original post was revised and shortened]

An interesting Biden speech a while back at Colgate University, (interesting for what Biden neglected declined to address as well as for what the press reporting summarized as being said). With the present browser configuration used in posting, getting the media outlet's page to display proved problematic to me. But readers have the link below and are encouraged to give the site a try.

Colgate visit: Biden speaks of past, present, future

Friday -- Mar 24, 2017 at 9:38 PM Mar 24, 2017 at 9:52 PM

"At the end of the day, I just couldn't do it," former Vice President Joe Biden said about running a campaign to be president. "So I don't regret not running. Do I regret not being president? Yes."

In Colgate University's Sanford Field House, University President Brian W. Casey opened the Kerschner Family Global Leaders series lecture question-and-answer panel with Biden by asking if Biden regrets not running to be president

"On a college campus I will never, never do anything other than answer the question completely unvarnished and straightforward," Biden said. "The answer is that I had planned on running for president. And although it would have been a very difficult primary, I think I could have won."

[...] Colgate sophomore John Bennett, 19, a Democrat, was hoping to hear Biden speak on a variety of topics, including health care after President Donald Trump's bill for the American Health Care Act had failed to get enough support to pass earlier in the day before Biden's speech.

"I think it might be interesting to hear his take about foreign policy going forward with how we may be more isolationist in these coming years," he said.

Biden closed out the evening by speaking about the current administration. He said he knew many Republicans who are caring and excellent at their jobs. [...]

That quoted student should receive an A+ for perceptiveness. Much time, key issues ducked? And if he could have won he should have ran because who they ran flopped Podestadly. Aside from Biden poll and guess; Bernie both did run and would have won, if only the Joe Bidens of the party had the sense to step aside so he could have, and so that agency staff cuts would not have happened as now, under Trump.

Win or go home? A way for those in bureaus to think Dem-thought, in the future. Bernie would have won. No question. Slam dunk. Winning slam dunk.



Montana's special election: Outing the Outsorcerers' Apprentice.

Starting with a bit of jargon and a hope of getting it correct, CRM means "Customer Resource Management," "hosted CRM" means sited other than on-premises CRM, and "BPO" means "Business Product Outsourcing." Then a theme setting screencapture, one capturing the mood of the man:

screencapture from here

The Forbes blurb is dated, 2009; and the Cowgirl item yielding the capture, Oct. 2016. But is there more, and is cumulative evidence really needed? The answer here: yes, and yes. Does a pattern starting even earlier add something? (Another: yes.)

CRMbuyer, as early as 2004, wrote in this Gianforte interview article:

Bozeman, Montana-based RightNow Technologies is a major player in the on-demand CRM space. In an interview with CRM Buyer, RightNow CEO Greg Gianforte explained [...] his company allows organizations to use what they know about their customers, in the form of phone transcripts and e-mail records, to anticipate service inquiries and initiate upsell and cross-sell actions.

[...] CRM Buyer: How has RightNow seen the market for hosted CRM evolve in the past year?

Greg Gianforte:
Hosted CRM really began at our inception in 1997. In the past year, we have seen what have traditionally been thought of as barriers to adoption really crumble and fall away. The objections we used to hear were around customization, integration, security [and] not having control over the upgrade process. Slowly, through working with our customers, we've shown them that they don't lose control of the application in a hosting environment. If the systems are in place, they actually have better control of an application in a hosting environment than they would in an on-premise environment.

[...] CRM Buyer: What types of companies are RightNow's target customers -- SMBs? Large companies?

Historically, we sold primarily to middle-market companies, and we realized the buying characteristics of departments in a Global 2000 are nearly identical to the buying characteristics of middle-market companies. [...] And we typically serve companies that have between five and 500 dedicated people in their customer-service organization.

CRM Buyer: Do you have a lot of outsourcing customers?

We have deep relationships with many of the top outsourcers. In fact, we just announced what we believe to be the largest deal ever done by an on-demand CRM company with Convergys. It's a milestone, not just for RightNow Technologies but for the whole industry. There has been some question on whether this on-demand model can scale up. We already have 2,000 seats deployed at Convergys. It's a rubicon [sic] for the on-demand market because the question of being scalable has lingered. Last year we served over 200 million customers on behalf of our clients. That's a large system in anybody's book.

Domestic outsourcers are recognizing that, in the face of competition where they might be moving contact centers offshore, they have to bring to their clients a solution set that can allow them to maximize the efficiency and the quality of service they deliver. And these sorts of [RightNow -&- Convergys] automation efforts really allow you to do that.

[bolding in original, italics added] Convergys in 2012 being highlighted in another trade outlet, ABS-CBN News:

Posted at Apr 20 2012 11:07 PM | Updated as of Apr 21 2012 07:07 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Convergys Corporation was again named “BPO Employer of the Year” at this year’s International ICT Awards held in Manila.

The award marked the third time the customer management firm was named the top business process outsourcing (BPO) in the country.

“Convergys is dedicated to providing unparalleled service to our clients and their customers across the globe,” said Ivic Mueco, Convergys vice president and country manager in the Philippines.

“The hard work and dedication of our employees in the Philippines continues to support our growth and our goal of being the employer of choice throughout the country,” Mueco added.

The judging committee based its decision on the firm’s leadership, strategic HR practices, continuous improvement programs, corporate social responsibility efforts, and overall support for the industry.

Convergys has established 18 contact center facilities in the country within 8 years.

It has about 26,000 employees throughout these sites.

As noted in opening, BPO means "Business Product Outsourcing," and the above item was found via Wikipedia:Convergys, which highlights the firm of which Gianforte boasted his own firm putting in place ONE BLOCKBUSTER OF A DEAL, "a milestone, not just for RightNow Technologies but for the whole industry." Presumably by that he meant the BPO industry vs any "on-premise environment." Readers can follow the link, yet in marshaling evidence a quote helps, with original footnoting:

In 2012, Convergys Philippines, 8 years after its entry into the country established 18 centers with 26,000 employees in all, was named “BPO Employer of the Year” at the annual International ICT Awards.[8]

On April 3, 2013, Convergys completed the acquisition of New Zealand-based Datacom call center operations in Kuala Lumpur and Manila for $20 million.[9]

On January 6, 2014, Convergys and Stream Global Services announced entry into a definitive merger. Under the agreement, Convergys would acquire Stream for a total enterprise value of $820 million in cash.[10] On March 3, 2014, Convergys completed the acquisition of Stream creating the 2nd largest BPO provider in the outsourcing industry. The merger brought their total employees to approximately 125,000 with 150 centers in 31 countries supporting 47 languages.[11]

47 languages, in Montana? If Gianforte is servicing that Montana-job-based, all you can say is: Wow. Perhaps H-B1 foreign language help might factor into things, if in a Montana "on-premises environment."

But wait, in fairness, it is the boasted of contract partner, Convergys noted there at 47 languages. Convergys being the outsourcer, RightNow being the outsourcer's apprentice? (We don't see the contract, it's non-public, so we only can guess. Perhaps The Montana Cowgirl will ask Mr. G about that blockbuster of a contract deal; who's what got what, one firm and then the other. If he even now recollects it, or instead suffers a memory deficit.)

Readers are invited to follow those Wikipedia:Convergys footnote links for detail; or just have a look at who RightNow's landmark deal partner is, i.e., simply looking at the Convergys homepage:

What We Do

Great experiences don't happen by chance. They are the result of inspired thinking and design that transforms the mundane into something memorable.

Convergys is the world leader in customer experience outsourcing. We infuse innovation, insights, and operational excellence to make every experience great for your customers and your business.


150+ locations
33 Countries

Careers & Growing


Build Your Career With Convergys

When you become part of our team, you join 130,000 talented people around the world who represent some of today’s leading brands. At Convergys, one of our values is to "Grow As a Team." It's in our DNA to prioritize teamwork and develop our people. By working together, we achieve great things for clients and create opportunities to build rewarding careers. You can be part of that when you join our team. And it's all at your fingertips!

And that would be "at your fingertips" where; Helena, or Bozeman, or even possibly Cut Bank, where Rob Quist was born and spent his early life ranching before moving on to music art. Or was it farming? Ask Quist that; and ask Gianforte about his ranch and farm experiences.

If you labor, particularly in a union, and have seen jobs of co-workers escape overseas, a thought: You don't have to live in Montana to know which way the wind blows -

The Rob Quist/Montana campaign has its email subscription box on the homepage, so signing up is cost-free:

The Quist/Montana contributions page, with ActBlue enabled is here:

That page also gives the address for snail mail contribution by check:

PO Box 1917, Kalispell MT, 59903

disclaimer: I've no connection with the ROB QUIST campaign, I live in Minnesota not Montana, and I am an independent because the current Clintonian/Podesta Democratic Party is out of tune with needs of real people aside frm the super-wealthy. I have neither met nor spoken to Rob Quist nor Greg Gianforte - AND - I might be unable to recognize Quist in a crowd without the hat, nor Gianforte, wearing one. Furthermore, I take Greg Gianforte at his word, "Hosted CRM really began at our inception in 1997." Back in the Bubba presidency, that far back! With him, innovator, perhaps not "Apprentice?"

Outsourcery, 2004 again, in an SEC filing where untrue or misleading misstatements or omissions can be problematic under Rule 10b4; a wordsearch = outsource:

(Exact Name of Registrant as Specified in Its Charter)

[...] Sales and Marketing

We sell our products primarily through our direct sales organization and to a lesser extent through indirect channels. Our direct sales organization is separated into new business and installed base sales groups. In our new business sales group, we employ personnel to make initial calls to potential clients and qualify client leads and direct sales representatives to close sales with clients and assist our client support group in implementation. Our installed base sales organization focuses on managing existing client relationships, further penetrating those relationships and cross-selling and up-selling into those relationships. [...] At March 31, 2004, we had relationships with over 30 indirect channel distributors. Domestically, our indirect channel consists primarily of relationships with outsourcers and referral partners who refer leads to us. Outsourcers represent a developing indirect channel for our solutions that we intend to expand and we currently have relationships with several outsourcers, including Convergys, ICT and KPN/SNT. We have dedicated staff in our sales organization calling on and servicing these partners.

Do you see any material misstatement or omission in that explanation of "dedicated staff ... servicing these partners?" Presumably head honcho G. read and approved statements before the lawyers filed them; or had as much input opportunity as he cared to have in SEC activities.

"Outsourcers represent a developing indirect channel for our solutions that we intend to expand and we currently have relationships with several outsourcers, including Convergys, ICT and KPN/SNT," would then NOT be a misstatement, if in an SEC filing?

And that would be with a 2004 intent to expand relationships with outsourcers, and a "dedicated staff in our sales organization calling on and servicing these partners;" so you decide, does that mean facilitating the outsourcing of jobs; or something surprisingly different from job outsourcing assistance being a reported corporate goal of the firm?

As a hypothetical: If we don't rob a bank, but aid and abet bank robbing, could we be prosecuted?

So after 2004, with the profits rolling in, would you presume the expansionary intent to aid and abet job outsourcing failed to materialize; from 2004 to the 2011 Oracle purchase? If so, why? Oracle paid big bucks after all.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
Perhaps Rob Quist should write a new song,

"Don't call me killer or a looter,
I did not gun Miss Hattie dead,
I only loaded the six-shooter,
Someone else unloaded on her head."

That would be like an analogy to something akin to aiding and abetting something like outsourcing but not doing it. Plausible deniability in a song.

Too awkward for song wording perhaps, but Quist is adept at taking a theme and turning good words and melody.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE______________A
Unsure whether this extremely well-written KXLH item was linked to earlier, or perhaps only a link given to an online post that linked to it; this is the real deal on outsourcery so read it. If it is redundant, less harm is done than if it is not and this opportunity to link were missed. Haste should not best thoroughness.

Will populist-progressive Rob Quist request that Bernie wear a cowboy hat?

screencapture from this Montana AP carry

Gianforte, if elected, would be another wealthy suit in DC. Worse is that, Gianforte if elected, is of the rabid fundie stripe, way off the mainstream that way, and that would represent adding too much more to a bad situation. Rob Quist understands the other side of being talented but not immune from day-to-day financial stress. Gianforte has a background of growing a business with a software product aimed at cutting customer jobs; a net job destroyer even though a local "creator" with a love for many, many H-1B visa arrows in his quiver.

Quist is a populist, truly more a Will Rogers brand than a phony Manhattan "populist" talker who'd inherited over a hundred million and talking all the time as if he'd hit a triple. Quist is legitimate. A too rare quality in DC. That he'd want to go there is a blessing, for the rest of us. That Gianforte wants it, big surprise.

This Huffington Post item was linked to in earlier posting, but this quote was not posted earlier:

Gianforte lost his bid to unseat Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D) in November. It was a costly defeat: Gianforte spent at least $5.1 million of his own money on the campaign, which aired 30,661 television ads, more than any other state candidate in the country. Quist has sought to depict Gianforte, whose last campaign left him with strong name recognition, as an out-of-touch rich guy from out of state. Born in California, Gianforte lived for years in New Jersey, a fact of which Democrats have been quick to remind voters. Gianforte had a reported income of $220.5 million between 2005 and 2014 on his tax returns, and in 2011, he sold his software firm RightNow Technologies to the tech giant Oracle Corp. for $1.5 billion.

Quist, by contrast, is the son of ranchers from Flathead County, Montana. He struggled financially due to a pre-existing condition that prevented him from getting health care, forcing him to pay out of pocket for a series of surgeries in the early 2000s.

“Congress right now is dominated by politicians who worry about the needs of their wealthy campaign contributors,” Sanders said. “We need members of Congress like Rob who will work to rebuild the shrinking middle class, who will fight all attempts to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and will oppose tax breaks for the very rich.”

That is from the end of the HuffPo item, and to see the what you see is what you get honesty of the man, bullshit free and willing to be deferential to questions that lack immediate quick soundbite answers in his Montana campaigning, Quist, interviewed in a half hour video - at length and not given any "kid gloves" treatment, by capable Montana media people.

Note that Quist campaigns in his hat, but that is a badge and not an affectation. He'd be a good and decent addition to a Congress needing much new perspectives and decency. Gianforte, despite his great wealth and the ego going with it likely would carry Paul Ryan's luggage. It would be most refreshing to see Quist serving in Congress in the hat, working with Bernie there in the other House. It would define a difference from Gucci/Armani and the likes of the two Trump sons and Jarad. There now is no binding dress code in DC, true enough, but non-suits are needed of a kind with a heart and conscience that the likes of Brietbart's Steve Bannon either never had or lost early along his way.

LAST: In the course of investigating detail about the Montana special election, there is the Cowgirl.

Her writing is political, and her politics are discernible from a right-side part of the banner illustration she uses, given here at left, which is direct and unequivocal as a statement of grounding of thoughts and opinions.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Trumped. A quite recent edition. The "R" word.

This link.

Rob Quist is running against a Mike Pence clone in Montana. The only difference, this creationist is a multi-millionaire wanting to join his Washington DC club of millionaires misdirecting the Congress of the United States, now that the business was sold to Oracle, and he lost his just-ended 2016 dilettante race for governor of Montana. The tires have hardly cooled from driving statewide on that lark, forcing him to seek elsewhere for political mischief. Clearly - more of the Mike Pence same, but with a bigger checkbook. Please contribute to help Rob Quist, the Democrat, who is offering the chance to give the Pence-clone a second well-deserved election defeat, two-years running.

"The Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum proudly presents
its exhibits in the context of Biblical history."

Salon, two years ago published, "Right-wing billionaires, creationism and pseudo-science: Why is a wingnut giving commencement speech at Montana’s best tech college? -- Uproar at Montana Tech as a conservative funder of creationist museums is asked to speak at top engineering school:"

The speaker is Greg Gianforte, a conservative billionaire whose philanthropic endeavors include funding museums whose purpose is to discredit Darwinism and persuade visitors that the Earth is 6,000 years old, that North America’s geology was carved by Noah’s flood, and that dinosaurs coexisted with early humans.

To say the least, Gianforte is an odd choice to address an audience of young men and women who are embarking on careers in the earth sciences, many as mining and petroleum engineers. On the day Gianforte speaks, these graduates will be ending four years of studying how the Earth, and everything in it, formed over billions of years out of stardust.

They will now be sermonized by a man who bankrolled the 20,000-square-foot Dinosaur and Fossil Museum in Glendive, Mont. This museum’s website warns that “when you visit a major natural history museum, you will see wide-eyed children being funneled into an abyss of deception.” The curator of the museum told the Billings Gazette that “there’s no scientific proof whatsoever that evolution ever took place.” Visitors are shown displays and dioramas that explain how the dinosaurs likely died out 4,300 years ago, during the great flood.

Odder still is the fact that Gianforte is no stranger to science at all. He is a computer scientist, who built a massively successful company, RightNow Technologies, that he sold for over a billion dollars in 2011 to the Oracle Corp. And he has donated money to Montana Tech for its computer science program, which is presumably why the chancellor of Montana Tech, Don Blakketter, invited him to be the guest of honor at graduation.

Professors have asked Blakketter to revoke the invite on the grounds that Gianforte is anti-science whereas Montana Tech is pro-science, and students are discussing staging a walkout during the speech. I put in a call to Blakketter, but did not hear back.

The objectors are not only upset about Gianforte, but also the inclusion of his wife, Susan, in the program. She was invited to co-deliver the commencement speech with her husband. Susan Gianforte is a vociferous opponent of laws designed to protect gay people from being targets of discrimination. She believes businesses should have the legal right to refuse service to gay customers, and she has been leading the charge against an anti-discrimination ordinance that is now being debated by the city council of Bozeman, where the Gianfortes live.

[italics added] Being prosperous is not an already punched ticket to a perpetual gravy train, and luckily voting ordinary people will be interposed between ambitious wealth and public disastrous error. May they be guided by good sense.

(And do you get the sense Ms. G might intolerantly judge the civil rights of the former "wide stance" Senator from her State's neighboring State. "Those Idaho types . . . no sense of biblical proportions and proprieties. Let him eat a bologna sandwich in his auto; restaurants are for us, not for his type, or shouldn't be." Perhaps separate entrances, drinking fountains and rest rooms?)

Wikipedia reports:

Social security
Gianforte does not believe that retirement is consistent with biblical teachings, pointing to Noah still working at age 600. He said, "There's nothing in the Bible that talks about retirement. And yet it's been an accepted concept in our culture today. Nowhere does it say, 'Well, he was a good and faithful servant, so he went to the beach... The example I think of is Noah. How old was Noah when he built the ark? 600. He wasn't like, cashing Social Security checks, he wasn't hanging out, he was working. So, I think we have an obligation to work. The role we have in work may change over time, but the concept of retirement is not biblical."[27]

Despite Gianforte's stated belief, RightNow Technologies offered a retirement plan as part of its employee benefits package, prior to its acquisition by Oracle in 2011. In 2009 Gianforte commented on his company's hiring efforts: "Benefits include full medical, a retirement plan and one week of paid time off a year to do community service". [28]

Young Earth Creationism

Gianforte is a believer in Young Earth Creationism, the pseudoscientific theory that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old. He donated to the Dinosaur and Fossil Museum in Glendive, Montana, which teaches visitors that the theory of evolution is false, the Earth is about 6,000-6,400 years old, that dinosaurs were on the Ark and that they likely died out 4,300 years ago during the flood described in The Book of Genesis.[29][30][31]

The guy is a hoot, if he'd only leave government to the less mean-spirited and to capable undeluded souls. Get that: Social Security should be denied everybody needful of it, because of ol' Noah punching a timeclock; but when money's to be gotten from Oracle a retirement plan is part of selling the multi-billionaire yacht racer a competent workforce. Go figure that one. When his food's not on the table, nobody needs or deserves retirement perks? Tune time, a "forever 'til you croak" Pence-clone's story.

Reprinted from an earlier post:

The Quist/Montana page has its email subscription box on the homepage too:

The Quist/Montana contributions page, with ActBlue enabled:

That page also gives the address for snail mail contribution by check:

PO Box 1917, Kalispell MT, 59903

Please contribute to an effort against troglodyte politics. It will make you happy when Quist wins.

____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
With Quist's opponent having generated a personal fortune out of the computer science industry, one could as well call him a Bob Mercer clone; that way; but the rabid religion stamp puts him squarely into the Mike Pence camp of freedom's great except if it's yours, politics; (I got Jesus on my team and he's no more tolerant than I am; I channel him; I know). Another analogy for Mr. G -- A Michele Bachmann clone, gender being one difference; great wealth being the only other. Also, aside from creationism museums as a hobby, Mr. G appears tighter with his wealth than the Mercers, with eleven million given by them to Ted Cruz; no less, and thirteen million invested in Trump. Presumably, Mr. G is at least largely self-funded, (or does he solicit and use other peoples' money, as one could expect, as part of a Pence-like Gestalt).

Either way, Rob Quist needs small donor love to succeed. So far, so good, (Montana Public Radio reports),but the Republicans can outspend anyone:

By Eric Whitney • Apr 11, 2017

Democratic candidate for Congress Rob Quist today released his first quarter of 2017 fundraising total.

"Just yesterday we crested $1.3 million in contributions," Quist said at a campaign event in Great Falls this morning.

His campaign says he raised nearly a million dollars in March alone, via more than 22,000 individual contributions, with an average donation of $40 each.

I cut my check as a $27 multiple, out of respect for Bernie; but at $40 a pop Quist will need many more individual contributions to gain a victory. He's not getting Norm Coleman's SuperPAC money, the G-man is if anyone is, and that kind of contributor or the "unaffiliated with any campaign" spenders have to be countered.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Do you want a juxtaposition. Dross and gold. Bernie begins at 21:45


By that, see for yourself how much of Biden's butler you can take before hopping to 21:45 to get away from the idiot and his offensive platitudes.

And this individual vs Kieth Ellison, showcases by this format the insult of this clown being handed the people by the Dem inner party, which is an intolerable insult that somehow must be - at least short term - tolerated.

The broom is needed. SO -- Why is Bernie carrying this dead albatross with him? He must know it makes him look compromised.

AN EXPLANATION: If he didn't lug the weight, he'd probably not get the booking.

That simple.

Yet, what a load to put on a poor elderly gentleman.

Why? Because idiots picked Perez, and refuse to admit what a disastrous decision it was. Bernie cannot lift that much. And yet, he does. This video proves it.

At about 30 minutes into it, Bernie seems to segue to you've seen this blowhard before me, we need a change. Not saying it in terms of Perez specifically, just - you have eyes; perhaps you may open them; and see a juxtaposition that is so obviously there to be seen.

At 32:00 Bernie throws the grenade. Perez is an entry ticket, if anything; the corporatist stooge there to focus on the difference between fake and legitimate, whether Perez knows that or not.

Two signs behind Bernie. COME TOGETHER. FIGHT BACK. Any person who cannot see an incompatibility there is delusional, unless and until the Perez camp followers of wealth hand over the reins.

That's the only way COME TOGETHER can work. You want the spoils you adapt. However, a reality is that adaptation is for both Berniecrats and Biden bros. There needs to be some bending, but the progressives should not be the ones pushed to bending to the breaking point. It has to swing the OTHER way. Or it's not going to work. Or the Trumps and Ryans keep gaining the spoils. And you have to talk spoils because it is what the corporatists understand and what ultimately will motivate them to differentiate themselves from the other party if they are to survive - for spoils. And in that ugly process, CHANGE may have a chance.

Killing capability development.

This link. Raising little Republicans, rule-based, not inquiry based.

Morning coffee time with the web.

Local paper online, Strib, one item, "A mixed report card for Trump as 100th day approaches -- Several of his campaign promises remain unfulfilled, but his accomplishments include the confirmation of a Supreme Court nominee." It's not Trump being ripe for judgment. He's survived, unimpeached, an accomplishment as a foundation to any other scrutiny. Judgment is for Paul Ryan, primarily, and Mitch McConnell, secondarily for keeping a lower profile and just not being as galling a persona. People got what they saw with Trump; and with Republicans everywhere the sheer evil of Paul Ryan is coming finally into a sharp focus.

Another item, actually two related; first of the two, "How the FBI and James Comey upended the 2016 election -- The FBI director steers clear of politics, but his handling of the Clinton and Trump campaign inquiries had a profound impact." This is not only an edtorial disguised as news; it is fiction disguised as newspaper grist. Trump won because of how totally distasteful Clinton/Podesta (Podesta/Clinton perhaps being the better aggregated term of disdain) was as an alternative to a television personality who amounted to little beyond, "You're fired" in a show only idiots bothered watching. Second of the pair of related items, "Hillary Clinton makes surprise appearance at Tribeca Fest." She should channel Douglas McArthur, and fade away. Would it require a stake through the heart? In fading away, taking Biden/Perez with her and go to Oz. Or wherever. Goldman. She should go on staff, thus making her punch a time clock to get massive amounts of money from Goldman. That Hillary sighting thing is an AP feed. Shame, shame, shame on AP for stooping to tabloid-worthy stuff.

Of the three items, readers decide which is the most offensive. To me, the Hillary sighting wins easily, but opinions can differ. One thing you can say about George Bush, besides that he was dumb as a brick, is that he's at least the sense or advice to have faded away. Some could learn from the impaired. Podesta? Find a keel with sharp barnacles, he's due for a hauling.

Beyond the obvious, Bernie would have won being obvious, one worth pondering; would a Kaine/Clinton ticket have done much better than a Clinton/Kaine one? Kaine at least had the genuine decency to look sheepish at the balloon drop where the Clintons were at home. It makes Kaine a giant by comparison, but still a corporatist Republican-lite Dem is a corporatist GOP-lite creature, so who's to say? Trump should really have a good sense of humor, and nominate Comey for the next Supreme Court vacancy. It would draw focus away from his people and the Russians. Or should it be simply, it would draw focus away from his people; as a tighter way of saying the same thing?

Things are really slow, so when will the next Coen brothers film be released, will LA again win the WNBA title, will the Twins ever discover a need for pitching to win and how's the weather where you live? And isn't it flat out evil what's been done to young people in the US of A? Poor people, any of the prol class having no choice but to take a job to survive, they've had a good share of evil handed them regardless of age; but the young are really taking it from an owned and orchastrated two-party snake fest wanting to drive them away from having any voice in how they're being set up for a waxing.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Where's the tune "Stronger Together" on the pop charts these days? Find a keel for Podesta. Bring Robby too. But bottom line, the old silk purse adage. And it is not just the Clintons. Any Republican-lite is sow ear territory. Hello, Joe Biden.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Singing cowboys do still exist west of Manhattan.

Rob Quist, Montana Special Election Candidate.
The image is a HuffPo screencapture, but the election
and Sanders willingness to go to Montana to assist is widely reported.

We have to have tune time with a singing cowboy. Quist has one thing in common with Trump - he has a daughter who's better looking than him; and this one can sing. Sing better than dad? You decide.

In all honesty I'd vote for her, and I do like the Garcia - Grisman Shady Grove, and Doc Watson's a bit better; but I also cannot vote either way in Montana; so enjoy. Last thought, on the Halladay Quist video, is it dad playing the pedal steel? It's hard to tell. She's the video focus. Also, a white hat, dark hair, and mustache cannot be unique to any one male musician in Montana.

UPDATE: Can you imagine Paul Ryan trying to sing? At all? Probably Rayn'd be as good at that as marathon running.

Gene Autry's horse was named . . .

CHAMPION. Go ahead, ask me anything about singing cowboys.

Eyeglasses are a sign of intelligence.

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! And its only the latest in an illustrious list . . .

Yeah, but wait. That was 2016. A year ago. Not this year. It's time again, so, wha's happening? For a keynote speaker, Bannon seems to be with time on his hands. But would he fit into the sequence of illuminaries who've been past featured speakers? What about General Flynn? Lot's of possible choices, so, wha's up, Doc?

Well, maintaining Facebook pages seems in general a Republican pastime, but this time old news is not news, but a websearch gets the folks' main site:

April 27th, 2017 – Freedom Club Spring Dinner featring David Horowitz

Be there or be square.

But, wtf is "David Horowitz?" Never heard of him. What's his shtick? Featuring a non-entity makes one do more web searching: bingo - twin sons of different mothers? This websearch >> this site. A money vacuum, give, give, give. Now I understand the MO.

But what's the pitch?

Jihadis gonna get ya so ya better watch out. Around every corner. Behind every tree. After your first born.

Paranoia redux. Paul Revere - jihadis are coming.

Yawn. Can't Freedom Club do any better? Are they short of cash, or what, going for the B team? Cardinal Burke had a full calendar? Wanted too high a fee? Palin out on a bear hunt?

UPDATE: The dude's video, looking as if a Citizens United - Steve Bannon documentary special; all the Bannon touches there; can you monger that fear? THE LEFT! MY GOTT, THE LEFT! THE OPPRESSIVE HIDDEN-AGENDA LEFT! ISLAMO-FASCIST LEFTISTS! AFTER YOUR WEALTH AND WELL BEING, SO GIVE ME THE CASH!

Freedom Clubsters have a kind of problem with reality; and without all the money they'd be only a joke.

FURTHER: Perhaps a speaking topic surprise would be discourse on 501(c)(3) abuse; and Horowitz could invite Mitch Pearlstein and they could do an after dinner arm-wrestle for donor cash.

FURTHER: Not knowing her language, not knowing details of her presentation. Reconizable body language and help from Brietbart friends, on the message. Islam amok, oh my.

Saviors aplenty; all needed, a rostrum.

Perhaps after her election Freedom Club could book her. Or just have David Horowitz give his spiel in French, either way, bases covered.

Okay, yes maybe, but my question is . . .

With the first or second cup of Saturday morning coffee, checking Strib (online); this attention-getter:

Click it to enlarge and read. Last paragraph there needs a highlight:

The chief effect of the departure of large numbers of people from the labor force is to reduce the U.S. economy’s growth potential.

There is an implication that personal value hinges on labor force participation aimed at boosting "the U.S. economy's growth potential." Something like that. Gainful employment.

A seemingly okay point to advance in presenting hypotheses. Later, same item:

“There’s all these great things going on, but people don’t know about them, in different parts of the state and industry,” said Kathy Kersten, senior fellow for the center. “We’d like to be a vector for these success stories.”

In one effect of the departure of people from the workforce, Eberstadt said his research found that unemployed men spend a significant portion of each day in leisure activities, including time spent with video games and in front of computers and smartphones. “It’s a 2,100-hour-a-year proposition. Akin to a full-time job for the unworking man,” ­Eberstadt said.

This link.
Public art in Seattle's Business district.
"The hammering man  hammers his hammer
three times a minute," that site explains.
Terminology, "unworking man" seems pejorative, but, okay Kathy [it's "Kathy" now] craves being a vector to such misdirected souls. A vector for "success stories." Item's ending paragraph, the nutshell thought, perhaps:

“The turnaround comes when people are committed to shining the spotlight on this problem, and come from all over the political spectrum and say this huge problem can’t be invisible anymore,” Eberstadt said.

That sets the table. The Strib item links to a Commentary item by Mr. Eberstadt, conveniently behind a paywall or a subscription wall, but the opening blurb says enough; more terminology, first two sentences of four:

On the morning of November 9, 2016, America’s elite—its talking and deciding classes—woke up to a country they did not know. To most privileged and well-educated Americans, especially those living in its bicoastal bastions, the election of Donald Trump had been a thing almost impossible even to imagine.

Hammering man is unprivileged and being made of steel he is uneducated, but he hammers. He does do that. He's not in the aim of the author's walled-off further Commentary thought, but he hammers. One thing else, the Commentary post links to a bio blurb:

Nicholas Eberstadt holds the Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and is author of Men Without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis (Templeton Press, 2016), upon which this essay draws and extends. He has been writing for Commentary since 1980.

So what useful work does this gentlemen do for the world, or more narrowly, toward boosting "the U.S. economy's growth potential?" He goes with the flow. Consuming food, durable goods, and short-term durables [Gucci, etc.]. So, a part of the money supply turnover, give him that, but giving to actual productivity of our US of A workforce even a jot by his actions?

That's not my question. It is getting to my question.

My question is when economists talk of goods and services, is being a pompous asshole a service? As good a service as the purported young ladies in Moscow provided for Mr. Trump per circulating rumor? That good, or less?

This page; "STAFF" - well dressed, but parasitic? You decide. None of them have a real job. They flak. That's adding zippo to the well-being of the nation. Hot air helps counter climate change? Not so, not even perhaps.

So, it is actually a range of related questions, including, how can you close a question like mine, without this?

Do notice that top menu bar, THE BIG RED right ending item: DONATE NOW. They have no business plan beyond folks giving them free money, and they offer what exactly, in return? In the world of productive work, my vote is with hammering man. Parasitic narcissistic kept and well-maintained officious opiners - paid voices of the extreme well-to-do -

basically a hive of "unworking folks," gender aside.

Like the man said, > “The turnaround comes when people are committed to shining the spotlight on this problem, and come from all over the political spectrum and say this huge problem can’t be invisible anymore.”

An "American Experiment?" In free loading? More? Or less?

At least they don't spell it, "Centre ...". You can say that in their behalf.

Friday, April 21, 2017

It is amazing the resolve with which Republicans favor local control.

The only one thing they favor more is fucking workers. Item opens:

The state Senate voted Thursday to overturn new paid sick-leave requirements in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and to block all Minnesota cities from raising the minimum wage or enacting other workplace rules.

The House passed a similar measure last month, as Republican majorities in both chambers push back against a growing list of local labor ordinances [...]

They know Dayton will veto the thing, but they just cannot stop themselves, from being themselves. Fucking workers is deep in their DNA:

"As you can imagine, a patchwork of inconsistent labor standards from city to city and county to county, or both cities and counties, would be extremely confusing and a significant burden on Minnesota businesses, and especially small businesses," said Sen. Jeremy Miller, R-Winona, the bill's chief author.

"Extremely confusing," he says. I'm not confused. They clearly favor fucking workers, local control be damned. Where's the confusion in that?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Groundhog day, sort of, and telecommuting.

From east coast WaPo work, to flyover WaPo work; this link, this mid-item quote:

The one thing Chris had appreciated about big-city life was anonymity. Now, in a town where everyone knows everyone else’s business, his business makes national news. The fantastic tale of his relocation rocketed around the world, appearing in newspapers from France to New Zealand. He was approached about starring in a reality TV show, an offer he turned down.

He heard from people across the country who were inspired by the move. Turns out, he’d done what many others wished they could.

“I guess it taps into some sort of desire for people to go to a simpler life,” he says, listing some of the pleasures of his new environs: growing vegetables in his garden, enjoying summer nights around his fire pit, building a bird feeder, and most of all, being with his kids each day during what used to be his rush hour.

About half of all Americans wish they could live in a different kind of community, according to the Pew Research Center. And at a ratio of 3 to 1, Americans prefer a slower pace of life, where neighbors know one another.

It’s a common misunderstanding that small towns and rural areas are shrinking, says Ben Winchester, a University of Minnesota Extension researcher who focuses on rural demographics. In fact, even while high school graduates depart each year for bigger cities, there is an ongoing influx of young professionals — aided by technology and seeking affordable housing and a sense of community — who are making these places their new homes. Winchester calls it the “brain gain.”

The story is silent about single day re-living experiences, but does lead with a Minnesota Gothic image.

The web is an understated part of the story, with one flyover online paper picking up an east coast feed authored in another flyover; and the opening link does not state the nearest airport to flyover from.

WWBMS? What Would Bill Murray Say?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Aggressive Progressives on YouTube, a few days ago - after Kansas, before Georgia.

This link. Worth viewing the video, as it tells a coherent (hopefully exaggerated) story.

Turncoat former Dem who went to the Senate over a dead man's body, returns to news.

Recount man and his mentor:

Sniper team leader, against Jon Ossoff, per reporting mentioning the man's name, here, here, and The Intercept, here.

Nasser Kazeminy must be proud. His suit, doing well in PAC land. A websearch.

He made a sidebar special, his own metric, as can be seen from this Internet Archive "Let's hope we don't need this for too much longer..." historical artifact. Has that meter ever actually been pinned to zero, or has it always displayed some perceptible to intense activity?

UPDATE: That PAC, a creative idea, Bill O'Reilly is looking for work.

FURTHER: Worth what you pay to read it, national mainstream media pick at the bones of the Georgia "almost." Here and here. The first of those items reported in part,

Ossoff raised $8.3 million in the first quarter, an enormous haul for a House race. And he managed to spend much of that cash, finishing the first quarter with only $2 million in the bank.

Similarly, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and a GOP House super PAC spent millions in the run-up to the primary as they sought to keep Ossoff from breaking past the 50 percent mark.

Both GOP groups also swooped in during the final days of the Kansas special election.

Just hours after the election was called, the NRCC had already debuted a new general election ad, while Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez booked a Thursday fundraiser in the district.

[...] Dems face decision on Montana

After Kansas and Georgia, national Democrats will feel pressure to get involved in the remaining special elections.

The party took a lot of heat for its last-minute investment in Kansas, where the nominee improved the usual Democratic showing in a reliably conservative seat. But Democrats went all-in for Ossoff early, sending paid staffers on the ground and launching ad campaigns to boost turnout.

The party will still help Ossoff in the June runoff, but the focus now shifts to Montana’s special election to fill the seat vacated by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

Democrat Rob Quist will square off against Republican Greg Gianforte on May 25 for Montana’s lone congressional district, which has trended red for the past two decades.

Mr. Perez. Plunging in Georgia. MIA in Kansas.

This follow-up paragraph to the above, showing what's afoot, gives cause to watch Citizen Perez quite closely,

Quist, a local folk musician, has a populist streak and scored a coveted endorsement from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who will campaign with him across the state.

And after that climax paragraph, the denouement,

Gianforte, a wealthy businessman who ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2016, is considered the favorite.

Still, Republicans are taking no chances. The Congressional Leadership Fund will spend at least $1 million on ads and voter turnout efforts, according to The Wall Street Journal. And the NRCC’s advertising arm made a six-figure buy of TV and digital ads.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has yet to weigh in on the race but will likely be prodded to get involved after the party’s strong special election showings elsewhere.

Do official party money and Bernie-backing mix like oil and water; or will some on the straddle move to good behavior?

FURTHER: The Nation defines The Problem. Will something better show up in Montana?

FURTHER: To like effect; local Kansas op-ed. Thompson will run again, in 2018.

Ossoff is going to a runoff election after failing to get a majority in yesterday's Georgia special election while getting a substantial plurality; CNN calling it in advance an election "about Donald Trump." It is an election to replace that crazy doctor Trump punted up to his cabinet where it was unclear whether it was Trump or Pence (or the Mercers) calling shots on that choice. Arguably it is an election about Tom Perez and crew.

The CNN online print network feed of its post-voting report, carried here, states early in the text:

Republicans were served another reminder of President Donald Trump's unpopularity Tuesday as Democrat Jon Ossoff nearly captured a House seat in a region that for decades has been a conservative stronghold, with the Democrat ultimately falling just short of the percent needed to avoid a runoff.

Ossoff received 48.1% of the vote, short of the 50% he needed to win outright. He and the other top vote-getter -- Republican candidate Karen Handel, who received 19.8% -- will now face off on their own in June.

The hotly contested race carried major implications as a gauge of the President's popularity -- and Trump himself seemed to grasp the high stakes, playing a direct role in its closing days.

Democrats saw it as an opportunity to drive a wedge between Trump and congressional Republicans fearful that he could drag down the party in the 2018 midterms -- while also delivering a psychic boost to an energized progressive base.

They nearly pulled it off. And two months later, Ossoff will get a second shot in a one-on-one runoff with Handel albeit an uphill climb now that the Republican vote in a reliably GOP district will be consolidated behind one candidate.

A CBS news item noted:

To get a sense of where things stand, we looked at the early vote – more than 50,000 have been cast so far. While the results haven’t been tallied, we can analyze the vote histories of early voters, based on data collected by L2 VoterMapping and matched to their voter file records.

In this special election, the balance between Democrats and Republicans who’ve voted early is closer than it was in the last midterm election, among those who are still on the rolls today. Usually Republicans outnumber Democrats in the early vote, because it is a heavily Republican district.

That item, opening paragraph, described district demographics:

Spanning wealthier and Republican-leaning suburbs north of Atlanta, Georgia’s Sixth District is the kind of place Democrats would love to pull off an upset, not simply for one single district but as a harbinger of larger possibilities. They’d use it to argue there’s greater excitement in their own base – which turnout suggested was lacking last year – and maybe that they can win the sort of upper-income Republicans and college graduates who eluded them in 2016.

While not a Clinton/Podesta low grade Republican-lite corporatist toady, Ossoff is not holding a heart like Bernie either. And the demographics of the district in play suggest the corporatist DNC types wanted this one bad; a howto for districts that are wealthy-Republican vs scrabble-Repubican, as in the past Kansas special election, where a Bernie endorsed (Our Revolution backed) candidate received neither DC based nor statewide Inner Party money, yet almost won.

In contrast, money poured into this hummer. International Business Times yesterday, election day, wrote:

In the wake of a closer-than-expected race in Kansas, donors and political groups from all over the country poured millions of dollars into Georgia's sixth congressional district in anticipation of Tuesday's special election to decide who will occupy the House seat vacated by former congressman and current Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

Democratic candidate and political neophyte Jon Ossoff was the beneficiary of much of the country's largesse, raising more than $8 million in just three months. But 60 percent of his support came from small donations of $200 or less: Republican organizations were the big outside spenders.

The GOP seemed to get its money's worth late Tuesday, when it appeared that Ossoff would not cross the 50 percent vote threshold to avoid a June run-off. He would face Karen Handel, the top Republican vote-getter. Local and national Democrats may be inspired by the competitive results and step up the fight, but the demographics tend to favor the GOP to retain the seat, and the losing GOP candidates were already rallying around her Tuesday night.

Coverage in each noted item was extensive, and readers are urged to follow the links and read the entire story.

Pre-election, CNN posted under the headline, "This Georgia special election is all about Donald Trump:"

Washington (CNN)As Georgia voters go to the polls to choose a new member of Congress in the 6th district today, President Trump wants to make sure he's on their minds.
In the past 36 hours, Trump has fired off a series of tweets about the race in which Democrat Jon Ossoff is trying to win the seat outright against a crowded field of 17(!) other candidates.
On Tuesday morning as polls began to open in the suburban Atlanta district, Trump blasted off two tweets.

[tweets omitted, sidebar reference noted/linked to Trump robocalling too ...] The message is unmistakeable: If you like Trump and his policies, you need to vote against Ossoff.

What's interesting about Trump's seeming strategy to make the race a referendum on his first 89 days as president is that this district isn't exactly Trump territory. While the district has a long Republican pedigree -- this is the area that elected Newt Gingrich to Congress and went for Mitt Romney by more than 20 points in 2012 -- Trump barely eked out a victory last November.

Why? Because this is a prototypical establishment Republican district. These are Republican voters but the sort much more comfortable with the brand of genteel conservatism offered by Speaker Paul Ryan than the more in-your-face approach of Trump.

("Genteel conservatism," by that butthead Ryan? Get real. Mack the Knife was genteel compared to Ryan. Ditto, compared to the amphibian, Gingrich. Trust mainstream media to sugar coat abuses and excesses of the right.)

Back to the story line from that digression - Clearly it was not entirely a mere "for/against the Trump administration and persona," in office for the first early and unpopular days; and Ossoff was/is not a stiff.

Nor is Ossoff a political neophyte, indeed, he appears a well traveled propagandist (not unlike Bannon in "documentary" film production actions while clearly differing in outlook and personality and output tilt); per Wikipedia:

Born in Atlanta, Ossoff was raised by his parents in Northlake, an unincorporated community in Georgia's 6th congressional district.[7] Ossoff's mother Heather Fenton, an Australian immigrant,[1] co-founded NewPower PAC, an organization that works to elect women to local office across Georgia.[8][9] His father, who is of Russian Jewish and Lithuanian Jewish descent, owns a specialist publishing company.[1] Ossoff was raised Jewish.[10]

Ossoff attended the Paideia School, a small private school in Atlanta.[1] While in high school, he interned for Georgia congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis.[1]

Ossoff attended Georgetown University from 2005 to 2009, earning a bachelor's degree in the School of Foreign Service. He attended classes taught by former secretary of state Madeleine Albright and former Israeli ambassador to the United States Michael Oren.[11][12]

Ossoff went on to earn his Master of Science degree from London School of Economics in 2013,[11][12] where he wrote his thesis on trade relations between the United States and China.[13]

Ossoff worked as a national security staffer and aide to Rep. Hank Johnson for five years where he drafted and managed legislative initiatives that passed the House and Senate.[7][14] He had top-secret clearance for five months.[15]

Since 2013, he has been managing partner and CEO of Insight TWI, a small business which produces investigations targeting corrupt officials and organized crime for international news organizations.[16] In 2016, Ossoff was an executive producer for a documentary film by Insight TWI for BBC Three; the film exposed atrocities committed by ISIL in Iraq.[17]

Can you say Dem establishment darling? Seems that way, with Haim Saban likely liking him quite more than he likes Keith Ellison. in an item behind a paywall wrongly characterized Ossoff early, via pre-paywall headlining, "Jon Ossoff 'came out of nowhere' and poses a serious threat to Republican's long-time hold on Georgia's Sixth Congressional District." With Ossoff having his feet firmly planted in establishment corporatist Dem Inner Party circles, folks in that circle might feel a bit of a burn, being called "nowhere" by a prominent foreign press outlet. Or not. They might prefer an "out of nowhere" image over an "out of the bottle" one of us impression on Gorgia voters in a characteristically Republican suburban district. As in, belie the pedigree when that ploy is seemingly advantageous.

In any event, ploy or not, "out of somewhere" IS the truth, and given a failure to get a majority to close the question, the last cited CNN item does cast gloom on runoff possibilities, from the Dem establishment perspective.

Crabgrass feelings: Our Revolution, Georgia, on Facebook. Phone banking, national level. Hewed the party line? Phone banked like good soldiers, for Ossoff? The appearance is, not exactly hot for it but at least one east coast local OurRev group was working at getting a Georgia ticket punched: I.e., compare this Arlington, MA "Event Central" page, with the national main phone bank page:

click image to read

[NOTE: As an update, two other OurRev phone bank items have been found online here and here.]

Rob Quist appears to be their [OurRev's] dog in the hunt, and that hunt is in Montana. Either encouraged to stay out, to keep a low profile in Georgia but do some out-of-state money raising, or disinclined to favor Ossoff's well-funded establishment cred is unclear.

But Ossoff seems little a part of anybody's revolution. Instead, as mainstream vanilla as Biden's butler.

Reflect back a week or so, OurRev national on its touting a Pyrrhic victory that actually was a clear but narrow loss, among the scrabble-Republicans. Something still in the balance with Ossoff, awaiting a June runoff.

It will be informative to see OurRev's activity between now and that June runoff. More immediate is the Montana special election to be held May 25, with Quist endorsed by AFL-CIO, Our Revolution, NARAL, and others:

Quist on his issues page-

- has an intriguing footer, above the email subscription box, "Putting Montanans First." Similar to something I recall seeing, somewhere, re the national stage.

At any rate, the email subscription box is there; so readers, please sign up. This is Our Revolution's hunt. As was Kansas.

THE NITTY-GRITTY: Overseas reporting, Guardian, here, stating:

Since losing the presidency to a Cheeto-hued reality TV host, the Democratic party’s leadership has made it clear that it would rather keep losing than entertain even the slightest whiff of New Deal style social democracy.

The Bernie Sanders wing might bring grassroots energy and – if the polls are to be believed – popular ideas, but their redistributive policies pose too much of a threat to the party’s big donors to ever be allowed on the agenda.

Even a symbolic victory cedes too much to those youthful, unwashed hordes who believe healthcare and education are human rights and not extravagant luxuries, as we saw when the Democratic establishment recruited Tom Perez to defeat the electorate-backed progressive Keith Ellison for DNC chair.

The Democrats demonstrated this once more this week when, in a special election triggered by Trump’s tapping of Mike Pompeo for CIA director, a Berniecrat named James Thompson came painfully close to winning a Kansas Congressional seat that had been red for over two decades, and his party didn’t even try to help him.

If Thompson’s picture is not on the Wikipedia page for “left-wing populism,” it really should be. Following a difficult upbringing during which he was homeless for a time, he joined the Army and attended college on the GI bill. [...]

Estes spent much of his money on TV attack ads, like the one that claimed Thompson supports using tax dollars to fund late term abortions, as well as abortions performed because parents don’t like the gender of their baby.

Given our current political climate, you’d think the Democrats would have jumped at the chance to take back a Congressional seat and demonstrate opposition to Trump, but you’d be wrong. While Thompson managed to raise $292,000 without his party’s help, 95% of which came from individuals, neither the DNC, DCCC, nor even the Kansas Democratic Party would help him grow that total in any substantial way. His campaign requested $20,000 from the state Democratic Party and was denied.

They later relented and gave him $3,000. (According to the FEC, the Party had about $145,000 on hand.) The national Democratic Party gave him nothing until the day before the election, when it graced him with some live calls and robo-calls. He lost by seven percentage points.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Perez confirmed the DNC would not be giving Thompson a dime. “We can make progress in Kansas,” he said. “There are thousands of elections every year, though. Can we invest in all of them? That would require a major increase in funds.” Fact check: the DNC has a fund just for Congressional elections, of which there are just ten this year.

Contrast this with what Perez said just a few months earlier when he promised “a 50-state strategy” complete with “rural outreach and organizers in every zip code.”

Expect Quist to be subjected to the same negative GOP mud slinging; and fear that Biden's Butler will have the same penurious attitude to Montana progressiveism as he insultingly displayed for Kansans wanting what's best for themselves. The man had the chance, and declined to walk the talk. Who is he then, besides a hypocrite?

At any rate, hope the DNC acts more responsibly in Montana, Quist being hard at work and hoping. Thompson's hurt should not be projected westward; so hope for the best but expect grassroots contributions will be essential in carrying the day in Montana.

LAST: The Quist/Montana page has its subscription box on the homepage too:

The Quist/Montana contributions page, with ActBlue enabled:

That page also gives the address for snail mail contribution by check:

PO Box 1917, Kalispell MT, 59903

Readers, please sign up, and give. It is a chance to show Our Revolution support can make a difference. If you send in a check, be sure contribution rules are followed, by stating necessary  affiliation - employment on the memo line, to keep the election monitoring people happy.

My memo line shall read: "retired donor - Bernie rocks"

Back to the Jon Ossoff situation, he is the runoff candidate opposing a Republican in Newt Gingrich land. The feeling here is he should be helped in the runoff, not hung out to dry the way the corporatist Dem establishment treated Thompson in Kansas, and bearing a grudge over that inexcusable behavior should be put aside. Not everyone may agree, since this was posted before yesterday's voting:

The Bright Lines Who Will Fight For Medicare For All, Who Will Stand Against Militarism and Austerity? Not John Ossoff or Our Revolution. - by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Last week Physicians for a National Health Care Plan released a press statement declaring the Republican plan to replace Obamacare “a re-branded and far meaner version” of the 2010 Affordable Health Care Act. This ought to raise a pertinent question: If all Republicans have to do is “re-brand” and tweak Obamacare, was it really much good to start with? The fact is that Obamacare was written by and for insurance companies in the first place, and from the beginning it left out roughly half the black uninsured, who lived in states where Republican legislatures and governors were able to block Medicaid expansion. For many of those who did receive coverage, high deductibles, co-insurance and co-pays made using your new Obamacare policy unaffordable.

So why are Democratic special election candidates like Georgia’s Jon Ossoff whining that they want to work with Republicans to “fix what’s broken” in Obamacare, when the entire premise of trusting for-profit insurance companies to deliver health care is bankrupt and useless? The answer is that this is what Democrats do.

Jon Ossoff is running for the seat vacated by Tom Price, the nutcase anti-abortion doctor who is now Secretary of Health and Human Services. Osoff is endorsed by Our Revolution, the reincarnation of the Bernie Sanders campaign, and Congressman John Lewis, who has been coasting on his lifetime civil rights hero pass for two generations now. He is also embraced by a host of pro-privatization Democrats like Atlanta’s Stacey Abrams.

This is one of those political moments where there are bright lines which distinguish friends from foes. The American people have always wanted real healthcare for everyone and the only practical way to get that is to simply lower the Medicare age down to zero. Those who say it cannot be done or should not be tried are on one side and the rest of us are on the other. That is a bright line and Our Revolution has placed itself on the wrong side.

The question of war and global empire is another bright line. Ossoff touts his top secret security clearance obtained by working on Capitol Hill as a national security staffer. But so far, in the tradition of warmongering corporate Democrats he has little or nothing to say about Trump’s one-upping the warlike Democrats with his ten percent hike in the military budget, and when he does have something to say it will be about Russia. This is the kind of Democrat that gets a DNC endorsement and a million dollars from the likes of Tom Perez, and the endorsement of John Lewis and Our Revolution, again on the wrong side of another bright line.

We haven’t heard from Ossoff on school privatization, raising the minimum wage or championing the right to organize unions and strike, but apparently those too are outside and beyond the pale of respectable Democrats, and Berniecrats too. These constitute still another bright line.

Revolutions are not made by people with their eye on this week's polling or next week selection. Revolutionaries set lofty goals that some deem unachievable, and that their foes declare illegitimate.

Feelings that way are understandable. And easy to follow. However, one more seat in Congress not voting within Paul Ryan's majority has much to recommend it, and Ossoff is not responsible for acts of Biden's Butler and cohorts. Even if akin to that faction, be bigger in heart and spirit than the bastards are; it's a better way.

There is much truth in that last quote; and if the bastards remain intransigent, then it may be showing the path. For now, Ossoff is an issue apart from having to rip apart the cozy country club two party arrangements, should that prove the only actual answer. For now, place hope with Ossoff - even with that being lesser evil thinking to many of us who support Bernie's democratic socialism, Our Revolution, and Justice Democrats. Be patient. But observant. And ready to see when/if a battle line needs to be drawn.

Wait out and see Montana events; see the Georgia runoff result; but never forget Thompson's abandonment in Kansas. It should always remain a rallying point. Under the Biden-Perez bus is no place for a fine and decent Democrat. Never forget. For now, turn the other cheek. Show restraint and good manners. For now, and the immediate future.

And despite anything else, help Rob Quist.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Check is in the mail. Besides the memo line noted above; the amount was chosen as 5 x $27, with twenty-seven bucks being something of a rallying point.

____________FINAL UPDATE___________
It's started. Be the judge. Who's got a message of cheer, and who's got a message full of slung mud.  Here and here. You have to wonder, what person, where, and at what price does those creepy cookie-cutter slung-mud voiceovers. I have good recollections about the brief times I have been in Missoula. A pleasant college town, and more. I hope Quist wins. He seems a good man.

Okay, this will be final. While on YouTube video tells us . . .

Ossoff's problem, well articulated. By one of the skeptical young. He's not one of us. His appeal, he will vote with us if we get a majority, on organizing. A Joe Lieberman standard. However - One of those JL's was enough. One too many, perhaps, an albatross around Al Gore's neck.

With a runoff election, Ossoff will face one Republican alone on that side this time. The Republicans will vote for the real one instead of the Republican-lite Ossoff one. Others might see that differently.

But Ossoff is the one the Perez/Biden DNC dearly wants to sell; not Thompson in Kansas; perhaps not Quist in Montana.

On that Montana one we have to wait and see. Will DNC pull the same too-late token money bit they pulled with Thompson; or will they put real cash up to help? NOW? A big question needing an answer. Will it be Ossoff's runoff gets party bucks, Quist's contest gets ignored? If so, there's a big time problem: Eight and not merely four years of Trump, via entrenched obstinacy on the part of a corporatist bellwether intent infecting both parties and their paired two-Tweedle, no actual difference syndrome.